National Mortgage News: 5 Questions for Joe Welu on Mortgages in the Time of Coronavirus

On April 1, 2020 Total Expert Founder & CEO Joe Welu was featured in National Mortgage News.

As COVID-19 news rapidly evolves and quarantine order end dates remain murky, mortgage lenders must navigate the unprecedented landscape on the fly.

Companies at the forefront of digitization have bigger advantages now than ever before in the time of social distancing. For those lagging technologically, the pandemic necessitates a swift progression into adopting remote systems and processes.

Joe Welu, CEO and founder of Total Expert, has preached the importance of mortgage technology for years now , and balancing that with the right amount of personal touch. Now there is an opportunity for lenders to act accordingly.

The excerpts below are from an exchange with Welu where he provides his perspectives on how the coronavirus crisis impacts the mortgage industry and how lenders can push forward.

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