Credit Unions

Generate Stable, Organic Membership Growth

Your credit union’s success is defined by how it serves and supports members. Total Expert combines sales productivity and intelligent automation tools to help you deliver the right mix of human and digital interactions—and provide personalized experiences based on each member’s needs at every stage of their financial journey.

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Data doesn’t lie


Relationship growth rate

Personalized cross-sell campaigns have helped users sell at least one new product to existing members within the first 6 months of using Total Expert.


Reboarding conversion success

Targeted communications and timely human engagements allow users to bring lapsed members back into active use within 30 days.


Click-through rates

By harnessing data insights to create personalized journeys, our users’ email campaigns perform more than 10% better than the industry standard.


Seamless, scalable member journeys

Give your teams the digital tools they need—data, insights, automation, and compliance management—to create impact with every interaction across every channel. Total Expert makes it easy to create dynamic multichannel campaigns that combine print, direct mail, email, SMS, and social media to create a smooth, consistent experience no matter how your members choose to engage.


Optimize engagement across the entire
member journey

Sales and CRM dashboards

Lead generation

Generate more leads and reach a wider audience by automating nurture programs with prospects or Select Employer Groups, coordinating with other lead generation channels like direct mail, or helping your mortgage team enhance their partner referral program. Then, reduce the administrative burden on your teams and help them increase productivity by categorizing and prioritizing leads so your teams know the top actions they need to take each day.


Expand and nurture your membership by leveraging intelligent automation to create personalized journeys that adapt to each member’s behavior, intent, and communication preferences. That way, you can find the right mix of digital and human engagements to provide relevant content when your members signal a need—not just when you think they’re ready.


Provide new members with a smooth onboarding experience by balancing automated digital messaging and human outreach to make sure they get the information they need about their product(s) without overwhelming them. Leverage marketing automation to increase product adoption and usage or tap into our expert content library to provide educational resources and banking insights.


Present the next best product to members when they’re most likely to convert with the help of automated intelligence and data insights. Total Expert integrates with over 55 third-party platforms to help you consolidate institutional data and create holistic profiles for every member. That allows us to create activity alerts for credit inquiries, property listings, equity thresholds, and rate qualifications to help you know the moment a new opportunity presents itself—and helps you provide the white-glove experience members deserve.


Manage and maintain member relationships to increase usage of current products or identify dormant accounts that need a more targeted communication approach. Always-on nurture programs make it easy to stay connected with members at key moments in their financial journey or re-engage those who lapse in usage by automatically transitioning them into specific messaging programs that provide reminders, educational resources, or even incentives to continue using your products.