Customer Intelligence

Save Deals from Slipping Through the Cracks

Marry borrower intent with intelligent automation to create deal flow and put more opportunities in the hands of loan officers.


Turn data into funded loans

Surface customer intent to understand their needs and provide the products and services that support their goals.

Contact Monitoring

Define who you’d like to monitor in your database.

Consumer Alerts

Get alerts for monitored contacts at no extra cost.

Monitoring Filters

Use segmentation controls to filter and update in real time.

Intelligent Automation

Alert your loan officers and automate customer journeys with pre-built content.

Customer Success

“We’ve been able to leverage the platform to create business for our loan officers that may have otherwise been missed. This solution allows us to gain insights on borrowers in a way that we would never be able to achieve organically. Not only does it help us determine that our customers may have a mortgage need, but it seamlessly sets them on a journey, putting our loan officers front of mind,” said Jelaire Grillo, brand ambassador at Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC. “In the last two weeks alone, Customer Intelligence uncovered 1,200 opportunities we may have never known about and resurfaced customers that many of our loan officers haven’t had contact with in years. We have definitely found the formula to deliver value to our loan officers and empower them to grow their business.”

Jelaire Grillo, Brand Ambassador at Prosperity Home Mortgage, Llc.

See Customer Intelligence in Action

Gain a better understanding of your customers’ needs, uncover more opportunities, and deliver truly personalized messaging at every stage of their financial journey with tools that monitor behavior across your entire tech stack.

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Mortgage database monitoring for lenders and loan officers.

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Retail base insights for banks and credit unions.


Act on insights, not instincts

Stop digging through your database to identify and predict consumer trends. Customer intelligence adds insights to your data to identify when a borrower is ready for a mortgage or refinance. Get a true 360-degree view of each contact so you can deliver timely, relevant messaging when it matters most.

TotalExpert dashboard


Build an omnichannel communication hub

Tap into the full potential of your data through intelligent automation. Use activity alerts to enroll consumers in pre-built Journeys that combine emails, SMS, and phone scripts to get your message to market faster and leverage engagement paths that are proven to convert.

See how Total Expert can help you drive better business outcomes.

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We’re here to support your people and your goals

Tools and technology are only as effective as the people who use them. That’s why we provide dedicated support, expert guides, and education resources for every customer—all from a team that’s deeply passionate and knowledgeable about banking and lending.

Dedicated support

Get the help you need from our support and customer success teams.

Professional services

Make the most of your investment by tapping into a team dedicated to your success out of the gates.

Education & guides

Elevate your sales and marketing approach alongside a team built to ensure adoption and success.

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Intelligent automation enables cross-sell initiatives

“Total Expert is helping us achieve success by easily targeting the right audiences.”

Catherine Moore

Vice President, Marketing Manager, United Community Bank