Health Insurance + Medicare

Help Your Customers Navigate Every Stage of Their Healthcare Journey

Understanding the differences between health insurance and Medicare plans, and choosing what’s best for their needs, can be overwhelming for consumers. Total Expert gives relationship-focused health insurance agents access to sales and marketing tools so they can identify purchasing triggers; create branded, compliant collateral; and have more meaningful conversations with every consumer.

A smiling older woman discussing healthcare insurance options with her agent.

Engage and support customers as their insurance needs grow


Lead engagement

Effortlessly engage your prospects in the moments that matter through branded, compliant collateral that showcases your products and services while meeting the latest regulatory requirements.


More conversions

Deliver personalized digital communications with automated sales and marketing tools to boost your close ratio and increase wallet share.


Insurance product upsell

Identify insurance purchasing triggers and connect with customers at critical moments with our Customer Intelligence tool.


Modern tools to help you serve modern customers

Total Expert is a purpose-built customer engagement platform that empowers insurance agents and support teams to deliver seamless customer experiences, reduce administrative work, and facilitate more meaningful conversations as their customers’ insurance needs evolve.


Our automated communication tools and pre-built, compliant collateral templates make it easy for agents to quickly create and distribute branded materials while our Customer Intelligence solution identifies purchasing triggers so agents can engage customers before the opportunity slips away.

Does your collateral meet the latest CMS regulations? 

Each violation of the new CMS regulations could result in significant fines. Total Expert’s pre-built design templates and marketing automation capabilities provide agents with the tools—and peace of mind—to quickly create engaging marketing collateral that meets all CMS regulations.

The State of Medicare Marketing Guide

As competition and regulations increase in the Medicare marketing space, it’s critical for Medicare agencies to expand their understanding of the shifting landscape, develop more effective ways to engage and educate consumers, and ensure that they remain agile enough to adapt when—not if—the market changes again in the future.

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Personalize customer engagement with automated communication tools

Deliver the next best message, policy offer, or touchpoint with customized Journeys that automate digital engagements based on real-time insights and interaction data with each customer across email, SMS, social media, and direct mail. By analyzing performance and data insights, you can optimize each customer’s Journey to trigger the next best engagement.


Quickly create and approve branded, compliant collateral

Develop deeper customer relationships—and ensure compliance with the latest regulatory requirements—by providing agent teams with access to compliant, pre-approved collateral templates and automated workflows that get messages to market quickly and create more impact with every customer interaction.

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Smiling woman holding a laptop with a fact finding workflow displayed.


Identify insurance purchasing triggers and surface more opportunities

Know the moment a customer indicates a life event or shows intent with insurance purchasing triggers that help you understand their short-term needs and long-term goals so you can deliver personalized communications with the right products and services before the opportunity slips away.

Total Expert in action

Create sustainable growth and increase loyalty with a customer engagement platform that’s purpose-built for financial institutions.