Sales Productivity

Increase Customer Engagement with Automated Sales and Marketing Tools

Total Expert helps you connect with new leads and stay connected with customers to drive engagement, build relationships, and increase loyalty.

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Connect with customers when and where it matters.

Create emails, SMS messages, videos, and direct mail campaigns that engage customers with timely, personalized messaging to support their growing insurance needs —all in a single, easy-to-use platform.


Build stronger relationships with every engagement

Customers have more insurance options than ever before, and they’ll explore them all if given the chance. That’s why keeping customers engaged as their insurance needs change is critical. We’ll help you stay connected with new leads and existing customers with the right mix of digital communications and human interactions to ensure they receive the information and support they need to make a confident purchase.

Multi-Channel Marketing
Deliver your messages across email, SMS, video, and direct mail campaigns to create a consistent, comprehensive brand experience no matter where your customers choose to interact.

Dynamic Journeys
Engage customers at critical moments through customizable Journeys that combine digital messaging and human outreach—and adapt at every step of the customer journey to fit each customer’s needs and communication preferences.

360-Degree View
Aggregate data from across your systems to create comprehensive, dynamic customer profiles that facilitate authentic, personalized interactions and support customers throughout the process.


Know the moment a customer is ready to act

Every minute your agents spend digging through the database to figure out which leads to engage and when to engage them is another minute not spent actually engaging those leads to discuss their coverage needs and future plans.

Customer Intelligence
Go into each conversation with unique insights into your customer’s financial situation so you can ask the right questions and provide the best advice. Customer Intelligence will identify purchasing triggers, like customer life events, then send you an alert so you can reach out at critical moments.

Prioritized Lead Lists
Get a summary of high-quality opportunities delivered directly to your inbox every day so you can reduce the administrative burden and stop wasting time wondering if you’re pursuing the most promising customers.

Total Expert in action

Create sustainable growth and increase loyalty with a customer engagement platform that’s purpose-built for financial institutions.

Maximize productivity and customer engagement. Minimize brand and compliance inconsistencies.

You work hard to understand the insurance needs of customers in your market. Don’t let it all go to waste because of generic collateral. The Total Expert platform was built with insurance agents in mind, so you don’t need a design background to customize our pre-built templates with the necessary disclosures and disclaimers—or to create powerful collateral that maintains your brand experience and builds trust with your customers.