Purchasing triggers

Know the Moment Your Customers’ Insurance Needs Change

Total Expert Customer Intelligence will help you monitor your contacts for specific insurance purchasing triggers and life events, then alert you when there’s an opportunity to engage a customer or prospect.

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Buying insurance isn’t an isolated transaction.

As your customers’ lives grow and evolve, so should their coverage options. If you wait until policy renewal to connect with your customers, you risk letting them shop around for better rates or having another agent convince them to change carriers. Regular engagement with your customers lets you have conversations about their future and how to protect the things that matter most to them—building trust and a lifelong relationship.


Identify and act on opportunities to expand relationships

Having access to the right information can help you and your customers be proactive about the insurance coverage they need today and in the future. We’ll help you stay one step ahead with real-time data by connecting those insights with your system of action. With Total Expert, you’ll have an all-in-one platform that connects customer intent with dynamic Journeys to help you deliver timely, relevant communications that build trusting relationships and allow you to guide customers toward the insurance products that fit their growing life.

Customer Intelligence
Monitor data from across your back-end systems to identify when customers experience or begin planning for a life-changing event that could impact their insurance needs. This gives you the opportunity to reach out, ask questions, and present the next best product to aid in decision-making.

Dynamic Journeys

Create a truly personalized experience for each customer with a combination of digital engagement and human outreach that provide policy information, educational content, and details about complementary coverage options.


Journeys also allow you to set engagement reminders for when a customer’s renewal date is approaching, so you can connect with them before a competitor does and continue delivering truly personalized service

Total Expert in action

Create sustainable growth and increase loyalty with a customer engagement platform that’s purpose-built for financial institutions.