Start Member Relationships on the Right Foot

Deliver a modern onboarding experience by balancing automated digital messaging and human outreach to get new members the information they need to make the most of their new product or service.

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Onboarding optimized

Today’s consumers expect a seamless, intuitive onboarding experience. But many credit unions still rely on outdated and inefficient methods that turn off members and lead to a drop in product activations and usage.


Our Member Intelligence tools help increase product adoption through automated digital messaging based on each member’s usage and financial needs. Providing new members with a great first experience will make them more inclined to add new products and services in the future.


re-engagement success with members at risk of attrition.


decrease in delinquent loan payments.

See how Total Expert helps with onboarding

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Aggregate Data from Multiple Platforms

A single hub for customer engagement

Modern consumers can tell when an interaction with a brand or company is genuine—and when they’re being sold to. Ensuring that every interaction with your members is authentic and relevant to their needs starts by understanding who they are and where their financial journey is headed.

55+ Tech Integrations
Create more complete member profiles by aggregating data, contact information, financial information, and communication preferences from across your tech stack into a single platform.


Create a seamless experience

You’ve dedicated a lot of time and resources to earning new members, so don’t let it all go to waste by cutting corners during onboarding. This is your chance to reinforce their decision to choose your credit union by maintaining a consistent experience, providing important product information, and helping them get started—no matter how tech-savvy they might be.

Dynamic Journeys
Automatically place new members into pre-built journeys that provide information about setting up and using their new product or service and keep them engaged after the onboarding process ends.

Expert Content
Leverage a library of educational resources, guides, and insights created by industry experts to add more value to your member experience and help expand your relationships over time.

Increase Adoption and Usage Rate

Show your members the way

Ensuring that your members activate and regularly use their new products is essential for building loyalty and developing lifelong financial relationships. That’s because highly active debit or credit card users are statistically more likely to open a new card or explore home improvement and auto loan with your credit union.

Nurture Campaigns
Create dedicated digital messaging and human outreach campaigns to connect with new members who don’t engage with your onboarding communications, create an account, or use their new product.

Total Expert in action

Create sustainable growth and increase loyalty with a customer engagement platform that’s purpose-built for financial institutions.