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Expert Insights Podcast

The financial services industry is ever-changing as the market evolves and consumer expectations shift. Standing out – and winning – as a bank, lender, or credit union looks different today than once before. Join Total Expert Founder and CEO Joe Welu as he speaks with leaders across modern financial institutions and the methods that are helping them stand out from competitors while building a loyal customer base. You’ll walk away with leadership and innovation strategies you can put into action in your organization to help you drive growth and create customers for life.

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Increasing Customer Lifetime Value in Financial Services

Total Expert Founder & CEO Joe Welu, Chief Lending Officer Dan Catinella, and General Manager of Banking James White came together to discuss how shifts in the market as we enter 2024 will impact both financial institutions and the consumers they serve.


With rates expected to drop throughout the year, new opportunities and new challenges will present themselves. So the question becomes: how do lenders, loan officers, bankers, and other financial services professionals leverage technology like Total Expert to identify high-quality opportunities, proactively engage customers, build relationships, and maximize the lifetime value of those relationships?.

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