Expert Insights: Enhancing Education and Engagement for Medicare Insurance Agents

11,000 Americans turn 65 years old every day, making them eligible for Medicare coverage—and providing Medicare insurance agents with more opportunities to educate consumers about their options and help them find the right coverage for their needs. 

Total Expert has partnered with Guided Solutions to help Medicare agents serve and support members on a local level, grow their business, and ensure that their collateral and communications comply with evolving CMS regulations.  

Guided Solutions Executive Director of Medicare Blake McCoy joined Total Expert Founder & CEO Joe Welu for the latest episode of the Expert Solutions podcast to discuss: 

The State of the Medicare industry 

CMS is expected to release their updated marketing guidelines in 2025. This isn’t a “doom and gloom” scenario because the basis for regulation started from a lack of education between Medicare agents and consumers. The CMS regulations allow agents to position themselves as a critical resource for consumers who need help understanding their Medicare options and finding the right coverage. 

Evolution of the consumer journey 

The Medicare agent’s role has evolved from seller to educator, allowing them to shift from chasing and prioritizing single transactions to building and nurturing long-term relationships that lead to increased loyalty, retention, and referrals. 

How Guided Solutions partners with agents and agencies nationwide 

By relying on strong communication, embracing a “fail fast” mindset, and adopting the right tools to help agencies and agents grow effectively, Guided Solutions has positioned themselves at the forefront of insurance marketing. 

Watch: Enhancing Education and Engagement for Medicare Insurance Agents 

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