Empowering Financial Wellness

We believe empowering banks and lenders to have a human-first connection with their customers will create a financially healthier world.

Our Values

Driving Us To Go Further

Behind every decision made, our employees and our business are guided by five core values. We stand by these principles in every step we take toward reimagining financial relationships and promoting financial wellness for all.

Our Story

Creating the Customer Company

Our experts spent years studying banking and lending in order to create a platform based on real needs. The result? The most innovative, integrated technology in the industry—and the only one that puts customer experience first.


Meet Our Executive Team

Financial services is in our DNA. We’re led by a team of experts equipped with decades of industry experience combined with long-term strategic vision.


Meet our Board Members

Joe Floyd

General Partner, Emergence

Jeff Hinck

General Partner, Rally Ventures

Justin Kaufenberg

Partner, Rally Ventures

Patrick Meenan

Partner, Arthur Ventures

Joe Welu

Founder & CEO, Total Expert

Simon Chong

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Georgian Partners


Where People Come First

At Total Expert, your success is our success. Leading with a human approach not only drives our business, but also the team behind it. No matter where you are, grow with us as we continue to empower leading financial brands to form deeper customer relationships.