Integration Partners

Total Expert integrates with the industry’s leading software and solutions providers to help you harness data from across your tech stack, create comprehensive, dynamic customer profiles, and fuel more meaningful engagements. With a better understanding of your customers and their financial needs, you’ll be able to engage them with timely, personalized messaging that deepens relationships, drives growth, and earns customers for life.

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Active Directory is an identify management platform that allows your organization to utilize seamless single sign-on functionality with Total Expert.

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Adwerx provides automated, hyper-local, and personalized digital advertising to help companies create stronger relationships with their client and prospect databases. The integration with Total Expert makes it easy for enterprises to run automated digital ad campaigns that target preferred audiences on behalf of loan officers.

Azure case study

Azure is an identify management platform that allows your organization to utilize seamless single sign-on functionality with Total Expert.

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BankingBridge helps banks, mortgage lenders, and credit unions maximize lead conversion through a modern mortgage website shopping experience. The Total Expert integration automates the delivery of key data points needed to maintain lead quality, conversion, and maximum [maximize] ROI.

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Bankrate is an online lead aggregator for mortgage lenders allowing users to deliver leads directly to Total Expert. This integration makes it easy for borrowers to view your organization’s details and connect if they wish to learn more.

Birdeye is the highest-rated all-in-one reputation management and customer experience platform for local brands. Over 150,000 businesses and financial institutions use Birdeye to effortlessly manage online reputation and social media, connect with prospects through digital channels, and gain customer experience insights to grow sales and thrive.

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Blend is a point-of-sale solution that allows users to invite their contacts to apply for a loan. The integration provides a seamless user experience, keeps loan officers updated about application status, and enables marketing automation to transform the banking experience.

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BombBomb provides a compliant video solution that scales with your company, creating a low-effort, high-impact way to differentiate your organization through your most valuable asset—your people. BombBomb lets you record and share personal videos through Total Expert to help drive more applications, realtor referrals, and business from past clients.

Box+Bestow is a leading provider of mortgage gifting solutions designed to help brands foster strong & lasting relationships with their clients. Box+Bestow’s integration with Total Expert allows Loan Officers & Marketers to create a personalized experience for customers at scale. Box+Bestow blends sophistication & thoughtfulness, leaving a lasting impression that aligns perfectly with Total Expert’s focus on superior customer engagement.

Calyx company logo

Calyx provides loan origination and processing efficiencies allowing users to close more loans. The integration with Total Expert helps shorten your time to close by streamlining, integrating, and optimizing every phase of the loan process.

Capacity logo

Capacity is a support automation platform that uses AI to answer questions and automate repetitive tasks. The Total Expert integration allows users to perform various functions from Total Expert, like search contacts, create a contact, add a note, and more, through chat or text.

Cardtapp company logo

Cardtapp is an omnichannel marketing solution that allows users to launch marketing campaigns, streamline sales processes, and expedite follow-up with ease. The integration with Total Expert provides one-way lead insertion, bi-directional contact sync, and enriches contact data.

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Clever is a real estate agent referral organization that allows mortgage lenders to refer leads who have yet to connect with an agent to the Clever platform. The contact is assigned a concierge who will match them with local agents.

CredEvolv company logo

CredEvolv matches credit-declined leads with non-profit credit coaches who create a personalized success plan for each lead. Once their credit goal is achieved, the lead is sent back to the referring lender, helping recapture revenue and create happy customers.

Dark Matter Technologies is a cutting-edge innovator in origination technology offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that streamline operations, enhance member experiences and drive growth in today’s dynamic financial landscape. With Empower LOS at our core our scalable solutions help leverage automation to enhance efficiency and agility.

DenimSocial company logo

Denim Social is a social media management platform that allows marketers in regulated industries to manage social selling programs through organic and paid social media. The integration with Total Expert allows customers to launch hyper-targeted social media advertising campaigns designed to nurture customers at every stage of the sales funnel.

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Dynamic direct mail marketing delivers a targeted marketing strategy allows you to send personalized mail pieces directly to customers or prospects. This can all be done automatically by interacting with Total Expert’s journey automation. By leveraging our creative team and delivery best practices, you will be able to automate personalized, compliant mailings that can be tracked for delivery and engagement to drive better ROI out of your direct mail campaigns.

eEndorsements company logo

eEndorsements is a reputation management solution for loan officers and mortgage providers. The integration with Total Expert makes capturing customer reviews easy; helping you promote your success and turn customers into brand advocates.


Evocalize technology enables enterprises to blend the professional polish and efficiency of corporate-level marketing with the local insights and relevance of community-level knowledge. This combination enhances marketing coordination, saves time, and drives revenue growth for the entire business. Users can easily launch campaigns on platforms like Meta, Google, TikTok, and more, seamlessly executing sophisticated and unique marketing programs together. This collaborative approach achieves results that would be impossible to attain individually, empowering non-professional marketers to simply and quickly execute the most sophisticated, cutting-edge digital marketing programs in the world – no expertise required. logo

The Experience Management Platform (XMP) by is the ultimate solution for mortgage companies of all sizes. The integration makes it easy to collect, analyze, share, and act on mortgage experience data to power better business outcomes. Win online, grow agent relationships, and engage and retain your loan officers.

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Offer your customers a HELOC through our seamless partnership ecosystem, tailored to strengthen relationships and meet their needs with speed and efficiency.

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FinLocker transforms the way consumers prepare for a mortgage by aggregating and analyzing a consumer’s financial data and providing personalized persona-based journeys through our Total Expert integration to achieve mortgage eligibility. Mortgage lenders private-label their FinLocker app to attract leads, nurture prospective homebuyers, and create customers for life.

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Floify seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art digital tools and automation to power a modern, efficient mortgage process for lenders, originators, and their borrowers. Finding the balance between automation and human connection, Floify helps mortgage professionals automate menial loan tasks without diminishing the relationship between borrower and loan officer. Understanding how the unique needs of mortgage professionals vary, Floify has constructed the industry’s most configurable solution that has the flexibility to accommodate any lending company’s desired workflow. 

FreeRateUpdate company logo is an online lead aggregator for mortgage lenders that allows potential customers to view your organization’s details and connect when they’re ready to learn more. Our integration allows you to have those leads delivered directly to Total Expert. is on a mission to enable long-term profitable homeowner relationships that benefit both homeowners and the industry. We have pioneered homeowner portals, private hubs designed to help consumers build wealth and efficiently manage their homes, all while working hand in hand with trusted advisors. Through our innovative solutions, our customers benefit from increased lead conversion, loyalty, and cross-sale opportunities.

ICE Mortgage Technology is the leading cloud-based loan origination platform provider for the mortgage industry with solutions that enable lenders to originate more loans, lower origination costs, and reduce the time to close, all while ensuring the highest levels of compliance, quality and efficiency.

InGenius logo

Growth Multiplier is a platform that compiles all publicly available recruiting data on loan officers and gives the recruiting manager visual data to be able to hone in on whom they would like to recruit. The amount of information available is vast, however there is nothing in place within their platform to automate communications, build recruiting workflows and focused views, or generally communicate with these recruits within a CRM, and that’s where its powerful integration with Total Expert comes into play.

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Jornaya helps you adapt your marketing and lead buys in real time based on your consumers’ online shopping behavior. The integration with Total Expert helps provide an exceptional customer experience by equalizing lead quality through 20+ data points, ensuring quality that provides ROI results and increases customer retention.

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LendGo is an online lead aggregator for mortgage lenders that allows potential customers to view your organization’s details and connect when they’re ready to learn more. Our integration allows you to have those leads delivered directly to Total Expert.

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LendingTree is an online lead aggregator for mortgage lenders that allows potential customers to view your organization’s details and connect when they’re ready to learn more. Our integration allows you to have those leads delivered directly to Total Expert.

LinkedIn company logo

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows members to create business connections, search jobs, and find potential clients. Our integration helps you make more authentic, personalized connections with both prospects and customers.

MBS Highway company logo

MBS Highway is a cutting-edge digital platform that helps industry professionals interpret and forecast activity in the mortgage rate and bond markets. Our integration helps deliver exclusive information that mortgage professionals can rely on for the relevance, speed, and precision to drive your business forward.

Meta company logo

Meta is a social technology company that enables people to connect, find communities, and grow businesses. The integration with Meta helps you make more authentic, personalized connections with both prospects and customers. 

Model Match company logo

Model Match is a mortgage talent recruiting platform that provides integrated mortgage loan origination data. Our integration with Model Match helps effectively build relationships with candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Mortech company logo

Mortech provides product pricing engine (PPE) and mortgage data technology solutions. Our integration allows you to leverage mortgage pricing engine tools, product eligibility data, and investor pricing to bring a more automated and streamlined workflow into your day-to-day processes.

Mortgage Coach company logo

Mortgage Coach is the digital borrower conversion platform that transitions lenders and loan officers from providing price to providing advice—helping increase production and profits. The Mortgage Coach suite of enterprise online and mobile applications enhances conversations between borrowers, mortgage professionals, and realtors to support more confident mortgage decisions.

MRC company logo

Mortgage Research Center is an online lead aggregator for mortgage lenders that allows potential customers to view your organization’s details and connect when they’re ready to learn more. Our integration allows you to have those leads delivered directly to Total Expert.

Move Easy company logo

MoveEasy is the country’s first full-service homeowner concierge platform designed to help consumers with moving and home management needs. MoveEasy’s 360-degree dashboard provides access to service providers across multiple categories, a built-in savings calculator, a concierge service, and more.

Newzip logo

Newzip aims to improve conversion rates for mortgage leads by seamlessly connecting lenders and real estate agents. Tailored to Gen-Z and Millennials, Newzip integrates real estate services into the lending process, offering unique incentives like cash back at close and practical solutions for customers seeking a more streamlined digital homebuying experience.

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Office 365 is the premier business solution platform. The integration with Total Expert allows you to view the email conversation within Office 365 and Total Expert.

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Okta is the leading independent identity provider. The Okta Identity Cloud enables organizations to securely connect the right people to the right technologies at the right time through secure access to platforms while ensuring those logging in are who they say they are.

OneSource logo

OneSource is a free, nationwide service dedicated to simplifying the home ownership journey. We specialize in setting up essential utilities and services, saving time by eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple providers. Enjoy exclusive offers through our network of partners and experience a hassle-free transition.

Optimal Blue company logo

Optimal Blue is a mortgage product pricing and eligibility engine (PPE) allowing mortgage loan originators to search for offers based on a loan scenario that fits their borrowers’ needs. This search can include borrower information, loan scenarios, property details, and search criteria that make it easy to serve up the right information to the borrower based on their unique situation.

Own Up is an online mortgage marketplace allowing lenders to receive exclusive leads directly to Total Expert. This integration allows borrowers to quickly evaluate the chosen lender with their associated offerings and reviews in real time.

PCLender company logo

PCLender delivers simple, elegant web-based mortgage solutions allowing users to deliver a more efficient lending process in tandem with a compelling borrower experience. The integration makes it easy to control and monitor the various steps in loan processing in a secure, paperless environment.


Percy empowers real estate brokers and mortgage lenders to maximize client acquisition and retention by delivering real-time data intelligence on consumer behavior and homebuying intent. Customers can easily integrate their Percy leads and survey responses directly into the Total Expert platform.


Polly is transforming the industry with its modern, data-driven capital markets ecosystem that includes a revolutionary Product and Pricing Engine (PPE), Loan Trading Exchange, and actionable data and analytics. The integration with Total Expert enables users to populate MLS and non-MLS rate flyers with accurate and scenario-based offers, helping mortgage loan originators operate faster and smarter, and ultimately — better serve their borrowers.

Price My Loan logo

PriceMyLoan is a pricing engine built into LendingQB that allows loan officers to find mortgage rates based on specific borrower criteria. Our integration makes it easy to create open house rate flyers that combine MLS data, rate, and pricing information for each property.

Rate Plug logo

RatePlug provides live, interactive mortgage payment and qualifying information for each property listing to help homebuyers identify potential properties more efficiently. The integration makes it easy for lenders to work with agents and provide homebuyers with real-time mortgage products, payments, and other mortgage details specific to each property they view through the MLS system.

rebeliQ logo

rebel iQ is a dynamic marketing software platform designed for lenders and loan officers, transforming opportunities into clients through cutting-edge customer acquisition tools, including lead generation plugins, funnels, dedicated websites, and an exclusive lead capture and distribution system. With seamless integration to Total Expert, rebel iQ promptly pairs borrowers with select loan officers and routes those leads into bespoke Journeys, amplifying lead-to-funded loan closing rates and boosting your ROI.

Reverse Vision logo

ReverseVision is a loan origination system that allows users to serve up products and services focused exclusively on the home-equity conversion mortgage and related reverse mortgage programs. The ReverseVision Integration allows Total Expert users to push contacts to ReverseVision to start a reverse mortgage.

Revvin is the industry’s first Low-code/No-code point-of-sale platform that empowers Financial Institutions to deliver leading-quality, high-performance digital lending solutions that meet their specific requirements. Revvin’s Customer Experience Engine (CXE) enables lenders to quickly and cost-effectively customize workflows, business rules, UI, data flows between systems and many other aspects of the platform through its easy-to-use, low-code/no-code editors.

Roostify logo

Roostify is an intuitive point of sale system that helps lending teams close loans faster, improve margins, and deliver a personalized borrower experience. The integration allows Total Expert users to invite their contacts to apply for a loan within the Roostify platform.

Sales Boomerang logo

Sales Boomerang provides borrower Intelligence to hundreds of the highest-performing lenders of all types in the industry, allowing users to better understand their customers. The integration makes it easy to pull these insights directly into the contact record to better understand and engage users based on insights and data.

Salesforce logo

Salesforce is the leading client relationship management platform in the world. This integration allows our mutual clients to sync their contacts, leads, loans, products, and consumer engagements between both platforms. Learn more about Total Expert for Salesforce >

SimpleNexus logo

SimpleNexus is a digital mortgage platform for loan officers, borrowers, and real estate agents that delivers a seamless and efficient modern mortgage experience. This integration makes it easy to connect loan officers to their borrowers and real estate agents through easy-to-use communication tools that are consistent throughout the entire loan and purchase lifecycle.

stripe logo

Stripe is a financial infrastructure platform that enable businesses to accept payments, grow their revenue, and accelerate new business opportunities.

Twillo logo

Twilio provides communication channels like voice, text, chat, video, and email by virtualizing the world’s communications infrastructure through APIs. The integration allows for Total Expert users to send and receive SMS messages to their contacts.

twitter logo

Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service with 206 Million daily users. The integration allows you to create social posts on their platform and reach a large audience. logo is a customer engagement platform that helps businesses connect with customers through AI-powered texting. Verse syncs human-in-the-loop AI automated SMS messages with Total Expert CRM to engage new borrowers 24/7, qualify leads, and convert text conversations to live transfers and appointments.

Whisp logo

Whisp is a data collection organization that helps companies retrieve additional pieces of data on leads and contacts. The integration allows users to send this data to Total Expert to trigger and personalize communications.

ylopo logo

Ylopo is a next-gen digital marketing solution that powers real estate lead generation, nurture, engagement, and brand advertising via AI technology. This integration allows mortgage lending organizations to deploy digital marketing strategies across the web while also providing lead management for consumers who interact with these tools and interact with a call-to-action.

Zapier logo

Zapier is a tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps— no code necessary. With Total Expert’s Zapier connector, you may tell Total Expert to perform a particular action when an event happens in another application.

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Zillow is an online lead aggregator for mortgage lenders. Partnering with Zillow allows potential customers to view your organization’s details and connect if they wish to learn more while also potentially delivering leads directly to Total Expert.

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