Street Level Strategies: In the Trenches with Top Producers

Hear from top users of the Total Expert platform and how they are using the platform every day to grow their business and drive more revenue.

Street Level Strategies

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Acopia Home Loans Producing Branch Manager Laura Kurtz began her career 30 years ago and switched to the mortgage industry in 2007. Total Expert has become ingrained in her work life, using the system at three companies. As an experienced user, Laura is a big advocate of Total Expert and trains many of her loan officers on how to use the system. The enterprise system in Total Expert has helped her ditch the notepad-tracking, automatically plan your day, enhance relationships with real estate agents, and grow your social media following. Watch Laura’s entire conversation with Total Expert’s Customer Engagement Manager, Bobbi Jo Dallas, to see some best practices and tips on using Total Expert to enhance your personal performance.

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