Finding and Funding $5.8 Billion in Hidden Loan Opportunities in Just Eight Months

Total Expert Customer Intelligence helps lenders efficiently uncover and close the ripe mortgage opportunities hiding in their databases.

We first blogged about the amazing financial success our customers were enjoying with Total Expert Customer Intelligence (CI) back in April. And now, four months later, the numbers are even more astounding.

In total, from October 2022 through June 2023 across 30 customers live on Total Expert Customer Intelligence, generated:

  • More than 289,000 alerts
  • $10.92 billion worth of loan applications
  • And a whopping $5.81 billion worth of funded loans!

Yes, you read that right. Nearly $6 billion worth of funded loans — in just nine months.

What’s more impressive is that ALL of it came from opportunities those lenders may never have known about if they hadn’t had Total Expert Customer Intelligence.

That’s because deals that should be well within your grasp often slip right through the cracks if you don’t have the right tools in place. Without Total Expert Customer Intelligence, for instance, your loan officers aren’t automatically alerted when someone in your database behaves in a way that indicates they may soon be in the market for a new mortgage.

But with Total Expert Customer Intelligence, you can rest assured that every contact in your database will be continually, proactively monitored for specific, mortgage-related behaviors — like having their credit pulled or listing their existing home for sale — and your loan officers will be immediately notified whenever a contact indicates they might be ready for a mortgage or refinance.

But that’s not all Total Expert Customer Intelligence does. By marrying those borrower insights with intelligent automation, it also automatically enrolls consumers in pre-built Journeys that combine emails, SMS, and phone scripts to deliver more relevant messages to prospects and past borrowers, faster.

It’s how Total Expert Customer Intelligence helped Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC close an additional $73 million in funded loans in only 90 days. And it’s how Customer Intelligence helped Dart Bank add up to an additional $48 million in funded loans to their bottom line in just six months.

And all of it came from relevant sales opportunities their loan officers might never have known about.

So when you’re ready to create more deal flow and arm your loan officers with the customer intelligence sophistication they need to outpace the rest, check out Total Expert Customer Intelligence for yourself.

Now it’s easy to estimate how much hidden lending revenue Total Expert Customer Intelligence could help your business find and fund — use our new ROI calculator!