Ramp Up for a Lending Rebound with InGenius and Total Expert 

To say that the lending landscape has been challenging for the past 18 months would be an understatement. Rate uncertainty, shifts in borrower and homeowner needs, and meeting recruitment and production goals have wreaked havoc on modern lenders and loan officers. To address these challenges, InGenius and Total Expert partnered to provide a seamless integration that empowers lenders to quickly adapt to market changes, ensure stable growth, recruit top producers, and build relationships with both customers and referral partners.  

Keep reading to learn what makes the InGenius + Total Expert integration so powerful. 

Solving key challenges with data-driven insights 

Lenders were put through the wringer in 2023. From economic fluctuations and reductions in workforce to shrinking volumes and margin compression, there were myriad challenges to overcome. Regardless of the market conditions, investing in the digital tools and technology that can help your organization and your customer-facing teams leverage accurate, actionable data is crucial. 

As the market looks to rebound in 2024, InGenius + Total Expert will provide valuable data insights that aid in recruiting producers, finding and establishing referral relationships, and targeting desired consumer segments, including low- and moderate-income (LMI) and majority–minority census tract (MMCT). 

For lenders who saw their producer roster shrink in 2023, InGenius and Total Expert will make it easy to get your team back to full strength with the data to identify the top producers in your market and the automated engagement tools to provide an unmatched recruiting experience.  

Powering productivity and driving pipeline 

What sets InGenius and Total Expert apart is the ability to eliminate hours of manual labor through data aggregation from multiple sources. InGenius’ patent-pending process ensures unparalleled data accuracy and granularity, while dynamic filters empower users to generate customized, actionable reports effortlessly. 

Then, Total Expert’s purpose-built customer engagement platform allows loan officers to distill those insights into specific, high-quality loan opportunities. Total Expert Customer Intelligence monitors their database for specific behaviors and automatically adds customers to a dynamic Journey that combines personalized digital communications and opportunities for loan officers to reach out directly. 

Building mutually beneficial referral relationships 

According to HousingWire, roughly 65% of a lender’s new business comes from realtor referrals. People are still more willing to take advice from someone they trust (i.e., the realtor they’re already working with) than on something they found in a Google search. InGenius makes it easy for loan officers to build and expand their realtor relationships by identifying realtors who do business in specific areas or who specialize in niche segments like JUMBO or USDA loans. 

Total Expert takes those relationships a step further with dedicated co-marketing tools like single-listing websites, pre-built content templates for social media, rate flyers, and real-time performance dashboards. 

Proven success 

InGenius customers have witnessed significant ROI, primarily in the amount of time saved on administrative tasks that take them away from engaging with borrowers and homeowners. For example, a VP of Strategic Growth shared how InGenius transformed their recruitment process within the first 90 days: 

“InGenius created a lot of efficiencies for us. A lot of our internal efforts were designed for data mining and finding potential candidates. With InGenius, we’re able to have our recruiters actually focus on recruiting, rather than data mining. It’s a major difference since we started using InGenius.”  

Empowering lenders for success 

The partnership between InGenius and Total Expert is changing how lenders and loan officers operate across their business. By leveraging data-driven insights, streamlining workflows, and unlocking growth opportunities, we’re empowering lenders to navigate market shifts with confidence and drive sustainable success. 

InGenius data also helps lenders fulfill Community Reinvestment Act requirements by targeting producers who serve diverse and underserved markets like LMI and MMCT.  

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