Data Is Useful. Knowing How to Wield It Is Powerful.

Customer Intelligence monitors your database for specific financial behaviors to surface high-quality opportunities for your team to engage. By continuously enriching contact profiles with the latest data, Customer Intelligence ensures that you’ll have everything you need to deliver timely, relevant, and personalized communications at scale.


Your data knows what customers want. Do you?

Surface customer intent to understand their goals, identify opportunities to engage, and deliver the next best product or service at every stage of the financial journey.

Profile Enrichment

Create robust customer profiles that support personalized, authentic communications by combining your existing data with aggregated, publicly available third-party data.

Engage customers at the moments that matter with real-time data monitoring and automated alerts for events that drive financial decisions.

Contact Segmentation

Define your target audiences, surface high-quality opportunities, and deliver truly personalized Journeys for every consumer.


Deliver seamless customer experiences across every channel with a mix of automated digital engagements and human outreach.

Never miss an opportunity

Activity alerts for life events

Be ready to act the moment your customers make the next move on their financial journey. With activity alerts tied to major life events and important financial decisions, Customer Intelligence helps you understand each customer’s short-term needs and long-term goals so you can engage them with the most relevant message, advice, or products.

Mortgage credit inquiry alert

Know when a lender pulls the credit of any contact in your database so your mortgage team can reach out and keep those customers in house.

Listing alert

Learn when a borrower puts their home on the market so you can engage them as they begin searching for another home.

Equity alert

See when a borrower reaches a combined loan-to-target ratio or could put equity toward a home renovation loan.

Rate alert

Identify opportunities when borrowers qualify for a lower rate that could convince them to refinance.

Credit improvement alert

Receive an alert when a past prospect has improved their credit and could now be eligible for a mortgage.

See it in action

Watch our award-winning Customer Intelligence demo from Digital Mortgage

Total Expert Customer Intelligence won the Innovation Challenge at the 2022 Digital Mortgage Conference, sponsored by LendingTree. The Innovation Challenge brought 33 companies to center stage, offering a platform to demonstrate how their products and solutions can help lenders solve important business problems. See how we edged out the competition.

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Stop acting on gut instincts. Start acting on data insights.

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Our Customer Intelligence add-on enables you to cross-sell to your current customer base through powerful, real-time insights and alerts.

Customer Intelligence

Core 4 Alerts

Mortgage Credit Inquiry Alert

Know when a lender pulls credit for a mortgage on someone in your database.

Rate Alert

Identify when a borrower can benefit from a current rate.

Equity Alert

See when a borrower reaches a target combined loan-to-value ratio.

Listing Alerts

Get an alert when a borrower’s home is put on the market.

How it Works

Understand borrower intent with consumer insights and signals in the Total Expert Platform.

Contact Monitoring
Define who you’d like to monitor in your database.
Consumer Alerts
Get alerts for monitored contacts at no extra cost.
Monitoring Filters
Use segmentation controls to filter and update in real time.
Intelligent Automation
Power Journeys with pre-built content and workflows.