Watch: Total Expert Demonstrates How Customer Intelligence Drives Deal Flow at the 2022 Digital Mortgage Conference

Last month, Total Expert participated in – and won – the Innovation Challenge at the 2022 Digital Mortgage Conference, sponsored by LendingTree. The Innovation Challenge brought 33 companies to center stage, offering a platform to demonstrate how their products and solutions can help lenders solve important business problems.

Total Expert’s demonstration was led by founder and CEO Joe Welu and featured Total Expert’s Customer Intelligence solution, which combines important borrower intent data with automated marketing and sales journeys to supercharge deal flow for lenders. Watch the winning demonstration and learn why Customer Intelligence could be the innovative edge your loan officers need.

Use Data to Drive New Opportunities

With today’s volatile market and rising interest rates, it’s seemingly impossible for mortgage lenders to be prepared for what’s next. However, with access to data and automation tools that can identify new lead opportunities and quickly adjust to a customer’s unique financial journey, banks, lenders, and credit unions can be more prepared to keep their opportunity pipelines full.

“It’s imperative our customers have the technology in place so they can be nimble with how they address changes in the market,” said Welu. “They want to be able to quickly execute new types of journeys using data points, all in the spirit of unlocking volume that would normally not have been captured and deliver value to their customers.”

Total Expert’s Customer Intelligence solution allows loan officers to pivot individual journeys quickly while responding to changes in the market at scale. This is the first fintech platform to bring customer insights directly into automated sales and marketing workflows – which allows lenders to efficiently take action in each of their customer’s financial journeys and drive new opportunities.

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