Customer Intelligence

Deliver the Perfect Customer Journey

Drive growth and retention with the industry’s only all-in-one sales and marketing platform now powered by customer insights and data.

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How it Works

Surface borrower intent with consumer insights and signals in the Total Expert Platform.

Contact Monitoring
Define who you’d like to monitor in your database.
Consumer Alerts
Get alerts for monitored contacts at no extra cost.
Monitoring Filters
Use segmentation controls to filter and update in real time.
Intelligent Automation
Power Journeys with pre-built content and workflows.

Customer Intelligence

Core 4 Alerts

Mortgage Credit Inquiry Alert

Know when a lender pulls credit for a mortgage on someone in your database.

Rate Alert

Identify when a borrower can benefit from a current rate.

Equity Alert

See when a borrower reaches a target combined loan-to-value ratio.

Listing Alerts

Get an alert when a borrower’s home is put on the market.

TotalExpert dashboard


Know When Consumers Act

Quit crunching data to identify and predict consumer trends – use data to know whether a consumer is ready for a mortgage or refinance. Get a true 360-degree view of consumers with insight into intent and key signals, ensuring you’re delivering the right message every time.


Personalize at Scale to Drive Conversions

Use the Core 4 Alerts to enroll consumers in pre-built Journeys with emails, SMS, and phone scripts built in – meaning you can get to market faster and leverage the expertise of our financial experts to deploy engagement paths proven to convert.


Empower Loan Officers to Build Connections

Focus engagement with the consumers that need support now, giving loan officers tools like Focused View and Daily Digest to know the best way to connect with consumers once alerts are triggered on their profiles.

Support Consumers in Their Unique Financial Journeys

Build Better Relationships

Data-driven relationships with new consumers means that you hit the mark with your messaging – every time. Leverage Customer Intelligence to get the insight you need to build connections at first touch.

Drive Higher Conversions

Consumers have unique financial journeys, and it’s important to serve them each step of the way. Use Customer Intelligence to know when to engage – and how to connect with the messages that resonates.

Keep Customers Engaged

A customer-first approach requires an understanding of how to best support customers for what’s next in their financial journeys. Thanks to Customer Intelligence, you have access to the insights you need to stay connected.
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“Getting that level of insight into their [customer] actions while being able to quickly respond through automation in the Total Expert Platform was crucial to our success.”

Michael Guidotti
Vice President of Integration & Brand Technology

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