More ROI. Less DIY.

Total Expert Customer Intelligence is the only purpose-built solution helping lenders across the country generate and close loans in a volatile market.

Customer Intelligence continuously enriches your contact profiles by aggregating your existing data and infusing it with publicly available third-party data to identify critical moments to engage contacts in your database. Now, you can act on insights instead of instincts.


One year. $10 billion in additional loan applications.

In just over a year, Customer Intelligence has helped modern lenders, banks, and credit unions drive incredible growth and uncover incredible opportunities that they would have otherwise missed. And we’re just getting started.

“Since rolling out Customer Intelligence, we’ve seen a significant increase in applications and pre-approvals.”

Jelaire Grillo, Brand Ambassador at Prosperity Home Mortgage

ROI Calculator

See how many loans are hiding in your database

Customer Intelligence monitors every contact in your database to identify specific mortgage-related behaviors and sends you notifications when an opportunity presents itself. Our ROI calculator will estimate the potential loan volume and revenue Customer Intelligence could help you drive.

Total Expert, Inc. – ROI Calculator Disclaimer

This calculator is designed to be informational only and does not constitute investment advice. This calculator is provided as a rough approximation of potential future return on investment (“ROI”) based on the internal data and experience of Total Expert, Inc. The results presented by this calculator are hypothetical and may not reflect any actual ROI. Total Expert, Inc. and its affiliates are not responsible for the consequences of any decisions or actions taken in reliance upon or as a result of the information provided by this calculator.

Please note: If the percentage entered in “Mortgage Penetration to Retail Base” is higher than the percentage resulting from dividing the “Mortgage Base” by the “Retail Base”, the calculator will return an error message. Please update the “Mortgage Penetration to Retail Base” to correct this error.


See it in action

Watch our award-winning Customer Intelligence demo from Digital Mortgage

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Stop letting slam-dunk deals slip through the cracks

Let us help you generate and close more loans with Customer Intelligence.

How it Works

Understand borrower intent with consumer insights and signals in the Total Expert Platform.

Contact Monitoring
Define who you’d like to monitor in your database.
Consumer Alerts
Get alerts for monitored contacts at no extra cost.
Monitoring Filters
Use segmentation controls to filter and update in real time.
Intelligent Automation
Power Journeys with pre-built content and workflows.