How Lenders Use Customer Intelligence to Drive Up Funded Loans in a Down Market 

In its first year, Total Expert Customer Intelligence has helped banks, credit unions, and lenders generate nearly $10 billion in additional loan applications.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since we introduced our Total Expert Customer Intelligence solution. After all, lenders across the country have already used it to generate nearly $10 billion in additional loan applications—business they otherwise would have missed (or never even known about). 

That’s because Total Expert Customer Intelligence enables them to find and hand off more loan opportunities to their loan officers, generate more loan applications, and fund more loans.  

To put it simply: Customer Intelligence helps lenders do more—MUCH MORE. 

And they can do ALL of it, right now, in a DOWN lending market!  

Sound too good to be true? Look at what just a few of our customers have achieved this year: 

That’s why Total Expert Customer Intelligence is a total game changer for banks, credit unions, and lenders. It continually and proactively monitors every contact in your database for specific behaviors, like when they list their existing home for sale or have their credit pulled. Then, whenever a contact’s behavior indicates they might be ready for a mortgage or refinance, Total Expert Customer Intelligence immediately notifies your loan officers so they can quickly reach out to those contacts. To top it off, intelligent, pre-built Journeys stay in front of the prospects and borrowers with more relevant messaging that’s designed to capture their attention and keep your business top of mind. 

With Total Expert Customer Intelligence, all of this happens automatically once you activate its pre-built alerts. Now, your loan officers can spend less time digging through your database and more time engaging with borrowers and driving growth for your business. 

The results are incredibly powerful. That’s why we’ll be sharing how some of our customers—like Mountain West Financial; Fidelity Direct Mortgage; Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC; and Dart Bank—use Total Expert Customer Intelligence to achieve massive ROI in unbelievably short timeframes. 

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