Customer Intelligence: How Equity Enrichment Changes the Game 

Imagine a scenario where you can instantly identify all your customers with at least $100K of equity in their homes. Imagine annual customer check-ins that include a real-time look at how much equity they have—and how they can use it to strengthen their financial security.  

This is a golden opportunity for financial institutions: the perfect chance to reach out with the financial guidance we know people want so badly—and a rich source for driving additional revenue in the process. 

If this scenario sounds like a dream, it’s because that’s exactly what it has been for so many financial institutions for so long. The challenge isn’t that they lack the data to identify equity-rich customers, it’s that they lack a reliable solution to surface that data when and where it’s most useful. The time and cost of manual equity reporting make it impractical for regular use at scale. Then there’s the challenge of putting that information in the hands of the right people—and hoping they know what to do with it. 

Equity Enrichment provides up-to-date, actionable equity data directly in customer profiles

Equity Enrichment puts these golden opportunities in the hands of loan officers by constantly updating equity information in each customer’s profile within Total Expert. Now, loan officers can use that data to have more authentic and productive conversations about their customers’ financial wellness. Just as importantly, sales and marketing professionals can use Total Expert’s powerful segmentation tools to quickly identify customers above a certain equity level and leverage their information to deliver hyper-targeted and personalized messaging at scale. 

Surfacing more than opportunities  

The truth is that many of your customers aren’t thinking about all the ways they could use their home equity to advance their financial goals. Most of them probably don’t even realize how much equity they currently have. Equity Enrichment allows you to deliver engaging, personalized, and informative content and offers around key home equity use cases: 

  • Cash-Out Refinance: Educate customers on how a cash-out refinance works, and how they can use it to consolidate high-interest debt from credit cards and auto loans, help pay off growing student loan balances, or cover other unexpected expenses.  
  • Home Equity Products: Help customers see how a line of credit or home equity loan can put their home equity to work for home improvements, debt payoff, or other large purchases. 
  • Reverse Mortgage: Segment customers above the age of 62 and with the right percentage of equity who could be empowered with additional income through a reverse mortgage. 
  • Mortgage Insurance Removal: Make sure customers know if/when they’re eligible to remove primary mortgage insurance (PMI) so they can lower their monthly mortgage payments. This is a powerful and simple way to build trusted relationships and retain future business. 
  • Annual Home Equity Check-Up: Automatically inform a customer how their home’s value has appreciated on a regular cadence—and begin the conversation around how they can use their equity to support other financial goals. 

Building on proven value 

Total Expert’s Customer Intelligence data is already giving financial institutions actionable insights that align customer needs with revenue-generating business opportunities. Since launching in 2022, Customer Intelligence has surfaced more than 1.9 million insights and triggered automated Journeys that led to over $10.9B in loan applications and $6.5B in funded loans. These results stem from a simple premise: leverage data to generate alerts based on specific customer actions or milestones that signal a customer’s need and a financial institution’s opportunity. 

But Equity Enrichment moves Total Expert Customer Intelligence beyond individual alerts and institutes an always-on intelligence that continuously updates the customer record with the latest information—adding value to every customer conversation and helping teams across your organization deliver impact with every interaction. The next wave of Customer Intelligence gives your loan officers and your organization a continuous and holistic picture of each customer’s financial health, so you can continue building lifelong relationships and establish yourself as a trusted financial partner. 

These always-on insights deliver real-time visibility into the “in-between” times—the vast majority of a customer’s life that’s spent between major life events and milestones. These are the times when they’re most hungry for guidance and education—and where financial institutions have the greatest untapped opportunity to build both trust and incremental revenue.  

Combining insights with action 

The leading financial institutions that already use Total Expert know what sets it apart: It’s the only customer engagement platform purpose-built for financial institutions that seamlessly combines a system of intelligence with a system of action. 

Equity Enrichment and the next wave of Customer Intelligence bring that Total Expert differentiator to a new level: Financial institutions don’t have to manually cobble together equity information from disparate data silos and systems—Equity Enrichment puts the data they need right where they need it—in each customer’s profile. And they don’t have to export those insights into a separate marketing automation tool—they’re immediately available in Total Expert to fuel purpose-built Journeys and execute at scale. 

This all brings financial institutions closer to the holy grail of customer engagement: delivering the right message, to the right customer, at the right time—creating genuine personal connections at the moments that matter most.