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Get a pulse on the state of the financial services industry with Total Expert Founder and CEO Joe Welu. Dive into the latest trends, the future of financial services, and walk away with actionable insights to grow your business.

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Recent Expert Insights Episodes

Expert Insights | May 2021

2020 Lessons Learned & Key Insights Part 4: The Humanization of Business

About the Episode: Humans and technology have been forced together like never before this year. Joe Welu and Sue Woodard discuss how work and lives have intermingled as a result of quarantine, creating a whole new intimacy among colleagues and customers. Find out how what to take forward from a time when we've learned more about each other while being apart.

Expert Insights | May 2021

Servicing is Key to Customer for Life – Julian Hebron

About this Episode As rising rates in 2021 slow one of the greatest refi booms ever, more banks and lenders are adding mortgage servicing to their diversification playbook. In this episode, Joe Welu and The Basis Point’s Julian Hebron look at market dynamics driving this, how to plan in the current servicing environment, and what it takes to execute on a single customer experience from originations through servicing.

Expert Insights | Mar 2021

The Customer for Life Tech Stack – Julian Hebron

About the Episode Technology investments have historically focused on the transactional customer experience – and in doing so the ability for banks and lenders to engage and create holistic experiences for customers has actually widened. But the path to continued growth for financial services lies within the ability to retain and engage those customers throughout their financial journey. In this episode, Joe Welu and The Basis Point's Julian Hebron discuss the opportunity in pairing servicing with the next generation of technology to create a true customer for life organization.

Expert Insights | Mar 2021

Delivering ROI by Going All-In on Customer Experience with Dan Catinella

About the Episode So many organizations say, “Hey, we need to focus on customer experience.” In theory, that sounds great. But the challenge comes in creating that focus, keeping teams aligned, and having the right tools in place. Finance of America has committed to going “all in” on customer experience, and is seeing impact on its retention and loyalty rates. In this episode, Joe Welu and Finance of America’s Chief Digital Officer Dan Catinella outline how.

Expert Insights | Sep 2020

You Can’t Advertise Your Way to Trust

About the Episode Consumers are seeking a trusted financial advisor who can educate them as they make critical financial decisions. And building that trust (and keeping it) is the foundation for a lifelong partnership. As Total Expert Founder & CEO Joe Welu says, “Every interaction with your brand or your people either builds trust or erodes it.” What systems does your financial brand have in place to ensure you’re building trust and delivering a seamless customer journey? In this episode, Joe Welu and our Chief Customer Officer Sue Woodard dive into this and more.

Expert Insights | Sep 2020

Financial Outcomes vs. Financial Products

About the Episode When communicating with your customers or members, are you selling a product or an outcome? The difference between these 2 approaches is crucial when engaging with consumers and coming from a place that has their financial wellness in mind. Total Expert Founder & CEO Joe Welu and Chief Customer Officer Sue Woodard discuss what this looks like in practice and how financial institutions can position their customers and members for long-term financial success.

Expert Insights | Aug 2020

Becoming a No-Limit Company

About the Episode Leading financial organizations that are out-pacing their competitors follow a no-limit mindset. They continue to push the boundaries, redefine what their organization is capable of, and exceed their customer’s expectations. But what’s the secret to reaching this mindset? Total Expert Founder & CEO Joe Welu and Chief Customer Officer Sue Woodard break it down in this episode of Expert Insights.

Expert Insights | Aug 2020

Purpose vs. Proof: Putting Action Behind Your “Why”

About the Episode: Financial institutions can have superior messaging and a clear purpose, but to truly accelerate, they must ensure the right steps are being taken to communicate their message across all touch points with customers and potential customers. Total Expert Founder & CEO Joe Welu and Chief Customer Officer Sue Woodard discuss what it means to put action behind your purpose and deliver a consistent experience that builds loyalty.