Focused View

Generate prioritized contact lists automatically based on business goals, enabling loan officers and relationship managers to have more efficient and meaningful conversations.
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Increase Application Conversions

Tailor views based on your unique organizational priorities. Marketers are able to apply inclusion/exclusion rules based on a wide range of options – such as loan information (e.g., funded date, pre-approval date, property type, etc.) or geographic location (city, state, zip code, etc.) – to categorize leads into different views and prioritize them so customer-facing teams are engaging the highest-value opportunities.

Simplify and prioritize follow up with all customer contact information, call notes, and communication history at your customer-facing team’s fingertips. No more digging through the database, juggling multiple tools, or toggling between tabs.

Centralize and optimize outreach with the ability to log calls, set follow-up frequency, and send email communication from one place.

Surface High-Potential Opportunities to Sales Teams

Leverage data and insights to drive productivity, such as listing insights, refi opportunities, and new leads.

Accelerate conversions by enabling time-sensitive follow–up, including incomplete applications, pre-approval expirations, and incomplete appraisals.

Save loan officers and relationship managers time and effort by automatically building call lists for them based on business goals.

Close Gaps in the Customer Journey

Ensure top opportunities don’t fall through the cracks by automating lead and contact prioritization based on contact data and insights.

Enable customer-facing teams to spend time doing what they do best –building relationships, not searching their database for opportunities and creating manual lists.

Align sales and marketing activities by giving relationship managers the communication history they need to provide a consistent and personalized experience.

Deliver the total experience, every time–with Total Expert.