Centralized Marketing Compliance

Centralized Marketing Compliance

The Total Experience Platform is an enterprise system of record for all aspects of financial services marketing compliance management.

Complete Control over Your Brand

Avoid compliance and brand mishaps with a solution designed not only to safeguard the reputation of financial brands but comply with corporate brand standards.

Faster Sales and Marketing

Increase speed to market with compliant messaging that you can approve — and your teams deploy — in mere clicks.

Worry-Free Audits

Create and store on-demand reports for comprehensive audit trails across every marketing and co-marketing asset.

Enterprise Compliance Reporting

Simple Permissions and Workflows

Single system of record for managing compliance for every marketing asset, including automated workflows, access controls and content approvals.

Future-Proof Compliance

Monitor all marketing activities for compliance with a central solution that evolves with the regulatory changes of the financial services industry.

Conquer Strict Marketing Regulations

Achieve top-down enterprise visibility with automated record keeping and on-demand audit reports to maintain marketing and brand compliance.

Complete Co-Marketing Visibility

Track Every Pixel and Payment

Calculate every granular co-marketing detail with Total Expert’s markup tool. Automate and assign co-marketing payments from deployed marketing assets.

Lock Marketing Templates

Avoid accidental deployment of non-compliant assets with top-down administrative control to manage approval workflows and permissions.

 Manage Workflows and Permissions

Create custom approval workflows with highly detailed tracking and reporting to meet your organization’s existing operational needs.

Move Fast Innovate

Achieve compliance and gain control over your offers, brand use and disclosure statements