MPA: How Can Originators Keep Clients Engaged in a Second Lockdown?

Total Expert Founder & CEO Joe Welu was featured in Mortgage Professional America to weigh in on maintaining customer engagement and the crucial role technology plays.

“COVID-19 numbers are spiking across the country yet again. Come January, President-elect Joe Biden will take office with a stated goal of controlling the pandemic. He has taken nothing off the table and has already floated the idea of a nationwide lockdown to control the spread. This could mean a return, for mortgage originators, to doing business the way it was done in March and April: entirely remotely.

One of the key lessons learned in the spring lockdowns, and subsequently in our more socially distanced normal, has been the importance of maintaining client engagement via digital platforms. For originators that could mean improving your social media presence, working on your blogging and content writing, and engaging in webinars and video conferencing sessions. The tools for digital engagement are varied, and relatively new to many originators. The CEO of one of those tool providers told MPA he sees gaps in the multi-platform strategies many originators are using that need to be closed.

“If you look holistically at the whole customer journey it’s the blend of all the touch points, all the communication, all the engagement that really make up a true customer experience,” said Joe Welu, founder and CEO of Total Expert, a CRM and marketing platform. “If you don’t have those parts working together at all times you end up with gaps in the customer journey.”

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