Create Amazing Customer Experiences. Together.

Build Consumer Relationships 

Collaborate on multi-channel marketing campaigns that add value, build trust and earn customer or members — for life.

Foster Stronger Partnerships 

Connect with co-marketing partners to share insights and rapidly deploy personalized co-marketing messages.

Protect Your Organization

Secure customer and organizational data with audit-level reporting and asset permissions for all co-marketing activity.

These common co-marketing pitfalls keeping you from greater ROI?

Team Up for Powerful Enterprise Collaboration

Partner Database

Monitor co-marketing activity across a searchable partner database to target areas for growth.

Single Partner View

Drill down into each individual co-marketing relationship and track the results of joint activities to guide future success.

Collaborative Contact Sharing 

Manage co-marketing leads together to deliver more strategic campaigns. 

Make Collaboration Work for You

Speed to Market 

Deploy co-marketing in minutes rather than days using pre-approved content from our Expert Content premium library or custom co-marketing templates.

Customer Personalization 

Customize campaigns with personalized lead nurturing, custom contact groups and multi-touch marketing.

Simple Approval Workflows

Pre-approve co-branded templates to ensure compliance and prevent rogue marketing campaigns.

Increase your reach in local communities by watching our co-marketing best practices webinar.

“Total Expert is the brain that drives our marketing and sales engine.”

Ward Morrison, President at Motto Franchising LLC

Move Fast Innovate

Build co-marketing relationships that expand your reach in local communities and create lifetime financial partnerships