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Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC. Uncovers 2,000 Unknown Opportunities

Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC case study

The Situation

As the home buying/selling boom of 2021 ramped up, Prosperity’s marketing team knew they needed to quickly find some new ways to strengthen collaboration between its loan officers and real estate agent partners, so everyone could together make the most of the fleeting purchase market.

Specifically, they wanted to know when their past customers inquired about new mortgages, so Prosperity could proactively engage with them to increase its chances of being selected to service the new loans.

The Solution

Using mortgage credit inquiry alerts within Total Expert, Prosperity loan officers receive automated alerts whenever borrowers have their credit pulled by another lender. Total Expert automatically triggers a Journey based on the alert and can immediately begin nurturing that lead. The Total Expert platform then prompts and reminds the loan officers of the best next step — all the functionality of Journeys (such as triggering tasks, manual outreach, identifying the consumers’ preferred method of communication, and more) is at the loan officer’s disposal to connect and convert.

The Success

By ensuring an originator reached out, or a nurture journey re-engaged at the right time and with the right message for home buyers, Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC. protected a critical revenue stream. Within just a month, they identified 2,000 previously unknown active loan opportunities by monitoring their database of customers and prospects