The Purpose-Built Customer Engagement Platform

Deliver the perfect customer journey across every financial milestone with intelligent automation and data insights that fuel personalized communications.

Available in AWS Marketplace

Total Expert and AWS joint customers shorten their path to ROI, increase their speed to market for Total Expert solutions, reduce implementation costs via existing AWS commitments, and enjoy consistent compliance and governance practices managed through AWS.

The power of purpose-built

Total Expert users harness data and intelligent automation to deliver more dynamic, personalized communications for every customer—driving growth, boosting engagement, and creating more customers for life.


Retention rate

Loan retention rates climb to over 60%—more than double the 18% industry standard.


Relationship growth rate

Personalized cross-sell campaigns help users sell at least one new product to existing customers within the first 6 months of using Total Expert.


Reboarding conversion success

Targeted communications and timely human engagements allow users to bring lapsed customers back into active use within 30 days.


Productivity increase

Sales, marketing, and compliance teams work better when they’re aligned on a single platform.


More ROI. Less DIY.

If your tech stack is starting to feel disjointed, Total Expert gives you access to the financial tools you need and helps aggregate your customer data into a single, seamless platform. Because Total Expert is an approved AWS Marketplace vendor, AWS customers can start creating more meaningful customer engagements faster—and with fewer costs.

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Streamline the procurement process, speed up legal contract reviews, and reduce due diligence costs by purchasing Total Expert directly through the AWS Marketplace. 

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Leverage your existing AWS spend to receive pricing perks and additional future discounts for working with AWS-listed companies.

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Simplify risk assessments by compiling necessary security and compliance information in a unified dashboard with AWS Vendor Insights.  

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Total Expert and AWS did the hard work for you. As an approved AWS Marketplace vendor, you’ll be able to access the Total Expert platform faster thanks to an efficient due diligence and procurement process. 

Hear what our customers are saying

Mid-size lender

“Implementing Total Expert through the AWS Marketplace couldn’t have been easier, and the cost savings we received by purchasing through AWS meant we didn’t have to cut other priorities out of our budget.”

Regional Bank

“It can be challenging for bigger banks like ours to move quickly, especially when trying to onboard new technology. But going through the AWS Marketplace allowed us to streamline the approval and procurement processes and start using Total Expert faster than if we had to handle the due diligence ourselves.”
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Turn your data into deeper customer relationships

To learn more about how Total Expert can help you drive growth and increase customer engagement—and how you can streamline your implementation as an AWS customer—check out our listing in AWS Marketplace.

Total Expert Featured on the AWS Marketplace Blog

We connected with the AWS Marketplace team to talk about connected technology ecosystems, how SaaS platforms help drive loyalty and growth, and how AWS customers can implement Total Expert faster and more affordably.