Why Journey Creator?

Personalized Marketing and Communications

Build simple or advanced workflows to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Simplified Day-to-Day Tasks

Reduce or eliminate redundant, manual tasks that cause delays or incur expenses.

Marketing at Scale

Financial brands can build, deploy and customize Journeys across the organization to target individual consumers – fast.

Be There When It Matters

Add More Hours to Your Day

Streamline the way you create and visualize campaigns with Journey Creator’s interactive, drag-and-drop format.

Increase Pull-Through

Incubate contacts to increase pull through and generate meaningful lift over time.

Enhance with Expert Content

Journey Creator is made even better by Total Expert’s Expert Content offering, which includes pre-built, on-demand Journeys ready to be deployed.


Customer Success

“Total Expert’s open API and best-in-class integrations allowed us to maintain our current technology stack and empowered the flow of data so we can personalize our customer engagement and marketing efforts.”

Jan Valencia

Project Manager at KS StateBank

Move Fast Innovate

Journey Creator empowers relationship managers with intelligent automation that turns leads into customers – and customers into customers for life.