2023 Fall Platform Release

Total Expert’s latest updates, features, and integrations will help turn your existing database into a deal flow engine. Our 2023 Fall Platform Release brings purpose-built functionality and enhanced integrations to help you grow and sustain meaningful relationships with your customers and members in any market.  


Driving growth and retaining accounts in the current landscape requires a better understanding of each consumer’s financial needs and goals. Total Expert makes that possible with tools to aggregate and enrich your data—creating the most comprehensive contact profiles possible and allowing your teams to deliver more impactful interactions across every financial milestone.


Identify and engage opportunities before they slip away

Total Expert Customer Intelligence continues to be a game-changer for financial institutions of all sizes across the country. Now, we’re adding the ability to continuously update your contact profiles with the most up-to-date equity and credit information so your teams can provide the education, resources, and products offers that support their short- and long-term financial goals.


Combine that with our ever-expanding partner ecosystem and integrations library and you’ll have the tools and solutions you need to deliver highly targeted, highly personalized communications the moment a contact needs it.

Equity Enrichment and Credit Improvement added to Customer Intelligence

Make data-driven decisions with robust insights into a contact’s home equity status or credit standing. Identify and convert more opportunities by drilling into your data to better understand key metrics that enable you to better meet their needs. Surface key metrics such as credit score changes, loan-to-value (LTV), LTV change, equity percentage, and remaining balance once an Equity or Credit Improvement Alert is triggered, enabling lenders to act effectively on that contact’s needs.

Credit improvement alert in app screenshot
Screenshot of the customer intelligence attribution dashboard

Customer Intelligence attribution dashboard

The Customer Intelligence attribution dashboard allows Total Expert administrators to evaluate Customer Intelligence performance across their organization. Visualize organization-specific details based on:

  • How many leads are being monitored
  • How many alerts have been generated
  • How many insights have been surfaced
  • How many applications you’ve received
  • How many loans were funded and what the funded amounts were


Marketing and sales leaders now have greater visibility into Customer Intelligence performance so they can ensure accountability and productivity within their teams.

Total Expert partner ecosystem

The Total Expert partner ecosystem brings together industry knowledge, best practices, and powerful integrations to help modern financial institutions find the solutions and resources they need to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. With over 55 industry-specific integrations and strategic partnerships with providers like Salesforce and AWS, we’re making it easier than ever for financial institutions to deliver the perfect customer journey.

Featured integrations

  • Salesforce: We continue to refine our Salesforce app based on direct feedback from Total Expert customers. This includes the ability to map several objects to Total Expert’s contact/leads entity (limited to one currently), the ability to share contacts originating in Total Expert with Salesforce, and several bug fixes and housekeeping items.
  • Encompass: Seamlessly deliver data from Encompass to Total Expert at scale. Multi-connection support now enables customers with multiple instances of Total Expert to choose how data will sync with Encompass. This unlocks the ability to configure multiple connections without losing all the data mapping capabilities available in Encompass Next Gen.
  • Optimal Blue: Total Expert’s enhanced integration enables lenders with an updated user interface providing flexibility in searching for loan products, display of all eligible loan products returned from the pricing engine, and providing clear messaging in the event an error is received or no eligible loan products are returned.
Platform Optimizations

Platform performance enhancements

With every release, we ask for your feedback so we can continue to focus on the platform improvements that will make your daily tasks faster, smoother, and more productive. For Fall 2023, we’re rolling out enhancements to key capabilities across the platform—from Customer Intelligence to sales productivity tools and marketing automation functionality.

Some features and integrations may require specific permissions, add-on modules, or upgraded packages.

Recent releases

Find information or details about the features, functionality, and integrations from our previous releases. 


Drive growth with consistent, proactive communication

Our 2023 Summer Platform Release brings purpose-built innovations to help you grow and sustain meaningful relationships with your customers and members.

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Drive growth

Stay connected with your customers via marketing automation and customer intelligence to capture repeat business and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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Increase productivity

Boost sales productivity and efficiency with tools that give your teams more context and clarity around how and when to engage with customers.

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Improve customer retention

Generate more repeat business and increase referrals by keeping customers engaged with critical information that nurtures your relationships.

New Product Features