Turn Your Database into a Deal Flow Engine

General Availability Feb 15, 2023

Our 2023 Winter Platform Release will add new functionality and new integrations to help you grow customer relationships. By capitalizing on the numerous streams of data across your tech stack, you’ll be able to create more dynamic customer profiles and send truly personalized communications at the moments when they’ll have the most impact.

Winter 2023 Platform Release

Uncover more opportunities in your existing database

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Capitalize on data-driven deal flow

Our new Rate Alert is coming to Customer Intelligence to help identify when customers can benefit from the current interest rate. Paired with the enhanced Encompass integration, new integrations with Bankrate and Own Up, and refinements to Journeys, we’re able to help you enrich more data from across your tech stack and use it to generate and close more deals.

Streamlined workflows, heightening productivity

Cut out the noise and stay laser-focused on the most promising opportunities with enhancements to our core CRM, Email Builder, and Outbound Data Connector that help streamline and optimize how you spend your time. 

Everything is better, connected

Along with Bankrate, Own Up, and Encompass, Total Expert now integrates with Blend, Verse.io, Box and Bestow, Polly, Revvin, and FinLocker to help connect your workflows and capitalize on every opportunity. 

Encompass Integration

Enhanced Encompass Integration

Sync your data and segment hyper-specific groups to optimize your workflow with the latest enhancement to Total Expert’s Encompass integration. Now, you can be certain that the decisions your team makes are backed by both Total Expert and the powerful data sources Encompass offers.*

Rate Alert

Customer Intelligence

Rate Alert

Available in Q1, the Rate Alert for Customer Intelligence users enhances the way you leverage your data by identifying customers who can benefit from the current interest rate. Total Expert Customer Intelligence now includes four powerful alerts (Mortgage Credit Inquiry Alert, Listing Alert, Equity Alert, and Rate Alert) that lenders can use to automatically surface new deals from your existing database. Combine these alerts with customer Journeys to surface new opportunities and build stronger relationships with every interaction.

New Integrations

Ever-Expanding Integration Library

Total Expert’s integration ecosystem is thriving with the addition of Blend, Verse.io, Box and Bestow, Polly, FinLocker, Bankrate, and Own Up. Whether you’re surfacing data from these sources, connecting your workflows, or driving more leads, Total Expert’s industry-leading integrations make sure you have everything you need in a single, seamless platform.

Integrations Library

* Some features and integrations may be fast-follow items after the General Availability release date (Feb.15). Additionally, some features and integrations may require specific permissions, add-on modules, or upgraded packages. If you have any questions, or if you want to make sure you’ll have access to specific features, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Implementation Manager.

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