2023 Summer Platform Release

Our 2023 Summer Platform Release brings purpose-built innovations to help you grow and sustain meaningful relationships with your customers and members.


The power of a purpose-built engagement platform

Total Expert is excited to introduce the next generation of our Customer Intelligence platform connecting the system of intelligence with the system of action for modern financial institutions (FIs). With each major release, we are committed to putting data and insights into the hands of FIs to drive the best experience for every customer.

Customer Intelligence: equity enrichment

Make data-driven decisions with robust insights into your existing customers’ home equity status. Uncover and convert more opportunities by drilling into your existing customers’ data to better understand the key metrics that enable you to better meet their needs. Surface key metrics like loan-to-value ( LTV), LTV change, equity percentage, and remaining balance with every equity alert so you can act effectively on that customer’s need.

Equity Enrichment
Advanced Lead Management

Advanced lead management

Deliver the right leads to the right person at the right time. Our advanced lead management capability provides an end-to-end solution to quickly capture, route, and engage new leads. By

eliminating the need to manage multiple, disconnected solutions for marketing automation, lead routing, and engagement, you’re able to provide a better customer experience that increases deal flow, conversions, and retention.

Two-way SMS

Empower your customer-facing teams with convenient two-way directional short message service (SMS) capabilities that they can manage directly from the chat functionality within the Total Expert platform. Engage new leads and existing customers with convenient messaging that they can respond to no matter where they are. The full conversation history with each contact is saved in their profile so you can reference previous conversations and provide more personalized service

SMS Messaging preview
Partner Ecosystem

Enhanced partner ecosystem

No single technology solution can be everything for everyone. That’s why Total Expert continues to build an industry-leading partner ecosystem by curating best-in-class technologies that drive higher ROI for our customers. With this release, we’re excited to announce our integrations with point-of-sale providers SimpleNexus and Floify, recruiting data provider Ingenius, pricing engine Optimal Blue as well as our best-in-class Salesforce and Encompass applications.

Some features and integrations may require specific permissions, add-on modules, or upgraded packages.

Recent releases

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Drive growth with consistent, proactive communication

Our 2023 Summer Platform Release brings purpose-built innovations to help you grow and sustain meaningful relationships with your customers and members.

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Drive growth

Stay connected with your customers via marketing automation and customer intelligence to capture repeat business and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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Increase productivity

Boost sales productivity and efficiency with tools that give your teams more context and clarity around how and when to engage with customers.

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Improve customer retention

Generate more repeat business and increase referrals by keeping customers engaged with critical information that nurtures your relationships.

New Product Features