A Better Consumer Direct Experience

Move beyond first to contact. Become first to connect with lead management, marketing automation, dialing, and CRM in one.

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Increase Speed to Connection with the Workflow Engine

Define how to route leads among end users with an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface.

Connect leads with the best loan officer to meet their needs using advanced lead routing rules, such as round robin, user qualifications, user availability, and lead attributes.

Understand and optimize workflows with the ability using lead management insight and make real-time adjustments as needed.

Stand Out as the Best Contact

Quickly connect with leads via our Communications Package call center software which includes dialer, phone, and SMS text messaging capabilities.

Manage outbound outreach directly from the platform while tracking communications history.

Empower loan officers with essential insight into leads to personalize their outreach and provide value with each and every interaction.

Personalize the Customer Journey at Scale

Trigger intelligent automation campaigns via Journey Creator using behavioral and transactional data, to increase conversions and retain customers.

Leverage pre-built content based on industry best practices to drive engagement – from newsletters to email marketing to pre-built Journeys.

Create and deploy campaigns in multiple channels – including social media, SMS, and email marketing – to meet consumers where they are.

Centralize Engagement Across Lending Channels

Leverage one platform across the entire mortgage enterprise.

Break down data silos between various lending channels for a single source of truth about the consumer.

Gain a holistic view of the consumer and of performance for a better consumer direct experience.

Deliver the total experience, every time–with Total Expert.