What Is the Total Expert Partner Ecosystem—and Why Will Customers Love It? 

We’ve all heard buzzwords like “channel”, “partner,” “best of breed,” “tech stack,” “ecosystem,” the list goes on. But what do any of those mean, and why should customers (and partners alike) care? As digital technologies evolve and more and more providers emerge, it’s easy for financial institutions (FIs) to see their digital toolshed overflow—and their tech spending balloon out of control. The reason these terms have gained popularity over the last several years comes down to a simple idea—creating a community in which we’re all “Better Together.” 

When it comes to filling strategic gaps in the SaaS space, there are three solutions: buy the tech, build the tech, or partner with a company to develop the best solution for users and customers. Total Expert consistently strives to deliver the experience our customers deserve. That’s why we’re taking our partnership program to the next level by creating a marketplace that combines shared industry knowledge, best practices, and powerful integrations dedicated to providing a seamless customer experience.  

We know the sheer amount of technology solutions available today can be overwhelming. And cutting through all the clutter to identify the best options to help your business meet growing consumer demands, support organizational goals, and grow at scale—all while maintaining cost efficiency and regulatory compliance—feels impossible.   

To help businesses through these challenges, Total Expert created a one-stop digital shop that features easy-to-integrate technologies at every stage. The Total Expert Marketplace is designed to help you find innovative tech solutions that expand and enhance your existing investment in the Total Expert platform. Every partner in the Total Expert Marketplace is carefully selected to minimize redundancies and provide out-of-the-box integrations so you can begin leveraging your new tech quickly and deliver the experiences your customers deserve.   

“Having the out-of-the-box integration is a key differentiator that we are providing for our joint customers that are purchasing through the Marketplace. Customers don’t have to worry about if the partner solution will work with Total Expert, having to pay a third party to build the integration, or build it themselves; all of which can cause longer time to value and unexpected complexity.”  – Patrick Hanley, VP Partner Ecosystems at Total Expert 

But the Total Expert Marketplace is only one piece of the larger Partner Ecosystem.  

How can customers leverage the Total Expert Ecosystem? 

We know that one-size-fits-all doesn’t really “fit all” in today’s dynamic and ever-changing financial landscape. Modern banks, credit unions, lenders, and insurance brokers need options that make sense for their businesses, their goals, and their customers or members. The Total Expert Partner Ecosystem brings together a diverse lineup of partners, thought leaders, and technology providers to help you address specific challenges, drive growth, and create customers and members for life.  

From expanding the capabilities of your Salesforce CRM with our purpose-built Total Expert for Salesforce managed package to expediting your sales cycle through the AWS Marketplace, our strategic partnerships bring accelerated ROI to your existing investments. Guided Solutions is just one of our customers taking advantage of the Total Expert for Salesforce integration to automate lead communication efforts and make brokers’ jobs more efficient, in turn driving higher customer conversation rates.   

The combination of strategic partnerships, technology partnerships, and system integrators who connect to the data and workflows that your business is built on is what makes Total Expert’s Partner Ecosystem so unique. Our goal is to ensure our customers get the most value out of their investments while deepening their relationships and maximizing the lifetime value of every customer and member.  

Interested in learning more about the ecosystem? Contact us or learn more about each partner in the Total Expert Marketplace.