Building the Perfect Customer Journey with Winter Release ‘22

Total Expert’s 2022 Winter Release is centered around helping our customers build trust with confidence. Two-thirds of consumers expect their financial institutions to understand their unique needs and expectations, and delivering that personalized experience requires tools they can deploy with confidence. That’s exactly what our new Winter Release features and enhancements empower our customers to do – to build trust with confidence.

The high-impact features in our 2022 Winter Release are our game-changing Customer Intelligence product, expanded lead distribution tools, a new Contact Details experience, and advancements in the development of our purpose-built banking CRM.

Customer Intelligence Drives Growth & Retention

With lenders facing low customer retention numbers and the impending market shift from refinance to purchase, it’s critical that mortgage lenders capture every lead and retain every customer.

The pinnacle of our Winter Release, Customer Intelligence, brings consumer insights and signals into Total Expert to make it even easier to personalize communication to contacts.

Customer Intelligence includes our Core 4 Alerts:

  • Mortgage Credit Inquiry Alert: Know when a lender pulls credit for a mortgage on someone in your database
  • Equity Alert: See when a borrower reaches a target combined loan-to-value (CLTV)
  • Rate Alert: Identify when a borrower can benefit from a current rate
  • Listing Insights: Get an alert when a borrower’s home is put on the market

Each of these alerts triggers on the contact record in the Total Expert platform, meaning Customer Intelligence users will have a consumer-led signal to know when to start conversations about each of these mortgage transactions. Powered by our all-in-one sales and marketing solution, turning insights into action becomes easy with our pre-built Journeys and content, prioritized lead lists, and loan officer productivity tools.

With access to real-time consumer insights and signals, combined with our all-in-one sales and marketing capabilities, it’s proven that Total Expert customers grow retention by 2x. With Customer Intelligence Total Expert customers can turn insights into action.

Expanded Advanced Lead Management Functionality for Consumer Direct

Our Workflow Engine – an intuitive lead routing builder that automatically connects leads with the loan officer to meet their needs at scale – launched as part of our Fall ‘21 Release as a pinnacle product for our offering for Total Expert for Consumer Direct, and we’re continuing to expand its capabilities.

In our Winter Release, we’ve enhanced how customers can route leads based on:

  • Loan product, ensuring that the right loan officer can respond based on their experience with that product
  • Loan status, such as new lead, contact, application, in process, and closed
  • Credit score, to add an additional layer of segmentation for personalized connections

Delivering Functionality for Purpose-Built CRM for Banking

Eighty percent of consumers are more likely to do business with brands that personalize their experience. Banks need to know, at a deep level, who their consumers are to build stronger, deeper long-term relationships to retain them. To compete in today’s competitive market, it takes a combination of great products and a hyper-personalized experience to win, and our purpose-built CRM for banking empowers our customers to do so.

Advancing the development of our purpose-built CRM for banking is another key focus of our Winter Release. While our new Contact Details Experience is available for all customers, it helps our banking customers surface information they need about their contacts quicker than ever, with an intuitively reconfigured and dynamic layout.

With our new Contact Details Experience, we surface the most critical information in an incredibly streamlined way. Customer-facing teams can rapidly find a specific customer and easily digest critical information to understand their financial background and past interactions so teams can connect and provide an experience – in-person or digitally – that resonates.

It also includes Role Creation and Assignment, providing the ability to create custom roles – like personal banker, relationship manager, and wealth manager – and to establish relationships between those users and the bank’s contacts.

As a purpose-built solution, Total Expert takes into consideration the number of touchpoints from different teams within the bank along a consumer’s financial journey. With Role Creation and Assignment functionality, for instance, it ensures the most appropriate team member facilitates timely, relevant connections by enabling customers to set up relationships between contacts and key roles in the bank, down to the individual level. This helps them deliver the hyper-personalized experience consumers want – and expect – from their financial institutions.

Additional Key Enhancements for Winter Release

Our Winter Release doesn’t stop there. Other key enhancements include:

  • New integration with Vidyard, making it even easier for loan officers to seamlessly integrate videos into emails they are sendin
  • Improvements to our intelligent automation – Journey Creator – to empower our customers to spend more time where it matters: personalizing at scale
  • Additions to our Expert Content library, including new Journeys for banking, support for Customer Intelligence, and enhancements to our weekly and monthly newsletters

All these great Winter Release features and enhancements are available starting on Feb. 23. For the latest information on current and upcoming Total Expert releases, visit