Fact FInding

Uncover Your Customers’ Coverage Needs

Help your customers find the right insurance products to fit their needs, their lifestyle, and their risk profile by asking the right questions upfront. Skipping this crucial step could cost you and your customers time, money, and headaches down the road.

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Address complex insurance needs with a simple conversation

No two people are the same. And neither are their insurance needs. As your customers’ lives unfold, you can position yourself as a trusted resource to help them protect the things that matter most to them. Whether they plan to buy more property, grow their family, or expand their business, we’ll help you facilitate the conversations that build an understanding of their future goals so you can create a dynamic insurance coverage strategy that adapts to their changing needs.


Increase leads at 3x the speed of other financial institutions.


Close 10% more deals than your competitors.

See how Total Expert helps with fact finding

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Now you’re asking the right question

If you’re already having fact finding conversations with your customers, you’re doing more than most insurance agents. But Total Expert can help you steer those conversations in the right direction by turning data from across your tech stack into more complete customer profiles, so you know what their short-term needs and long-term goals are.

Content Library
Leverage our pre-built fact-finding questionnaires and content templates or customize them with your own branding and messaging, so you never forget to ask the most critical questions based on each customer’s insurance needs.

Customer Intelligence
Go into each conversation with unique insights into your customer’s financial activities so you can ask the right questions. Customer Intelligence can identify if a customer is in the market for a new home, recently listed a property, or could potentially leverage equity to expand or remodel.

Total Expert in action

Create sustainable growth and increase loyalty with a CRM and customer engagement platform that’s purpose-built for financial institutions.