Big “I”: Agents Need Better Intent Data to Deliver Personalized CX

Total Expert’s General Manager of Insurance Ilya Filipov wrote an article for Big “I” that highlights how insurance agents need to leverage their customer data if they hope to develop better relationships and grow their business in the digital world. 

Here’s a snippet from the article:  

More insurers now use customer relationship management (CRM) software capabilities to capture and analyze customer data. This function may be part of the agency management system (AMS) or a standalone tool like Salesforce, but these tools only capture data on a customer’s direct interaction with an insurer. They don’t provide data on behaviors that may be indicative of a new or changing insurance need. 

Without this broader insight, it’s difficult to fully understand and anticipate when to proactively reach out to a customer or prospect, what materials to send, or which services to promote. Agents need to tap into external data streams to gain vital insights into customer journeys to act on reliable signals of intent. 

For example, integrating third-party data with internal CRM data can allow an insurer to see which customers are shopping around for home insurance. Other third-party data streams can help identify life events that present critical points in the customer journey: from selling a house or buying a car to the birth of a child or college graduation. These are insights insurers crave because they indicate a need for car, home, or life insurance. Today, insurance agents rarely get these insights at scale. 

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