Policy Binding & Closing

Finalize Customer Policies Without All the Friction

Provide the kind of personalized service and support that today’s customers expect—without needing to be in the same room. Our automated Journeys allow you to provide compliant, up-to-date policy information and documentation quickly and easily, while creating opportunities for you to reach out personally at critical moments in the process.

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Streamline the policy binding & closing process

You’ve worked hard to understand your customers’ insurance needs, discuss their financial goals, and lay the foundations for a successful, long-term relationship, so don’t let it all go to waste at the last step. Total Expert helps quickly and easily close the book on every policy purchase through pre-built Journeys that you can customize for every customer and provide the kind of experience that leaves the door open for future conversations.


Increase cross-sell success by 2x the rate of other financial institutions.

See how Total Expert helps support closing

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Increase Close Rates

Keep customers informed and engaged

Don’t leave customers wondering about the status of their application. Ensure that the process keeps moving forward—while keeping them in the loop—with personalized journeys that provide regular updates and reminders about critical tasks at their end.

Dynamic Journeys
Engage customers at critical moments with customizable Journeys that combine digital messaging and human outreach—adapting at every step to continually support your customers’ insurance needs and goals.

SMS & Email Reminders
Hectic work and personal life schedules can make it easy for customers to forget about that last signature you need. Help them across the finish line with automated text and email reminders for documents that still need to be signed.

Automated Document Delivery

A seamless experience comes standard

Provide your customers with all their policy documentation the moment their policy gets approved. Total Expert helps you stay compliant, reduce administrative tasks, and ensure that this critical step is completed quickly and efficiently.

Pre-Built Content

Once a policy is approved in your back-end system, Total Expert will activate an automated campaign that packages and delivers crucial policy information to customers on your behalf. 

Total Expert in action

Create sustainable growth and increase loyalty with a CRM and customer engagement platform that’s purpose-built for financial institutions.