Our 2021 Most-Read Banking Topics, and What They Mean for 2022

During 2021, banking industry leaders have had much to manage and more to plan for. Looking at their content consumption from the last year, they’ve been preoccupied with humanizing their financial relationships with their customers or members. Since Total Expert is a CRM-engagement platform, we are hearing from many financial institutions that multiple industry trends – margin, competitive, technology, business, and, yes, the pandemic – have coalesced to emphasize digital tactics to deepen relationships with borrowers and depositors.

During the last 12 months, banks and credit unions leaders turned to the following guides and articles from Total Expert: 

On the upgrading CX in banking, our report and firsthand experience shared by Horicon Bank’s vice president of digital banking, Christian Ruppe, offers you ways to skip the guessing game on the road to better CX. He shared his experience on a webinar with Total Expert Founder and CEO Joe Welu, and Financial Brand Co-Publisher Jim Marous.

In the report shared above “How to deepen product usage from borrowers and depositors,” Cornerstone Advisors’ Ron Shelvin reports consumers’ views of the borrowing experience, their reasons for choosing one lender over another, and how to deepen borrower and depositor product usage. He provided coaching for improving banking cross-sell in this discussion with our CEO

With half of consumers saying they don’t use more of their institution’s services because they’ve never been asked, or they’ve been asked poorly, banks and credit unions are ramping up their game with investments across the board in technology, staff, and processes to improve CX. Read our coverage for what that will look like in 2022.