Total Expert Nominated for a 2024 Innovation Award 

We’re honored to be nominated for a 2024 Innovation Award in the Analytics & Business Intelligence category along with so many amazing companies and innovators! 

It’s incredibly rewarding to work with so many amazing credit unions across the U.S., and while awards like these aren’t the reason why we do what we do, just being nominated is validation that the products we’re building are helping credit unions everywhere continue to serve their memberships and support the communities around them. 

Why we were nominated 

Total Expert is the first purpose-built financial services platform that combines a system of intelligence with a system of action. Our platform can ingest data from multiple sources—including POS, LOS, core, and warehouse data—and distill it into a single, dynamic profile for every contact and member. It starts with our Total Expert Customer Intelligence solution, which analyzes your database for specific behavioral data that signals when a contact intends to make a major financial decision. By enriching each contact profile with the latest available data, we help you prioritize which contacts or existing members to engage and understand which product, service, or educational resource would be most beneficial.  

Whether you’re looking to grow your deposit, debit, and credit accounts or increase auto loans and home mortgage originations, Customer Intelligence will alert you when a contact experiences a major life event (gets married, welcomes a child, changes careers, etc.), has their credit pulled, lists a property on the MLS, reaches an equity threshold, or qualifies for a lower rate.  

Then, through a combination of digital engagements and human outreach, our marketing automation capabilities allow you to deliver personalized communications based on each contact or member’s unique financial needs and goals seamlessly across every channel. 

This allows you to show up at the moments that matter, build lifelong relationships, and guide your membership at every step of their financial journey.   

How we deliver value for credit unions 

No two members are the same. So, no two members’ financial journeys are the same. Key moments in each member’s life will affect their needs and goals, but also their outlook and approach toward their next level of financial success.  

For example, a member who’s looking for a new home could either be looking to accommodate their growing family or looking to downsize as they near retirement. Two very different situations for two members in very different stages of life. But, if members aren’t regularly visiting a branch and discussing their finances with your team, how can you expect to understand the context of their decisions or help them in ways that benefit their financial well-being? 

By aggregating all available data and using it to enrich each member’s profile, we’re able to help you initiate better-informed and more authentic conversations with each member—showing that you understand their needs and have their best interests at heart. When members feel seen, heard, and understood, they’ll continue to see your credit union as a partner in their financial journey, not just a tool to use when needed. 

Customer spotlight: Family Savings Credit Union

After struggling to stem the tide of member attrition, Family Saving Credit Union turned to Total Expert to unify its digital sales and marketing, organize its member data, and deliver more personalized member engagements.