Family Savings Credit Union Increases Retention Using Total Expert


“Total Expert won’t just make my job easier. It will also enable us to send our members emails that are much more strategic and personalized, and analyze data in such a way that we’ll know exactly what our members need from our financial institution.” 

Jessica Brown

Director of Marketing, Family Savings Credit Union 

The Situation

When Family Savings Credit Union — a full-service financial services firm committed to providing state-of-the-art products and services backed by personalized member service — was tormented by a high member attrition rate, it knew its old-fashioned approach to member marketing had to change.

Leaders recognized that the best way to lower attrition was by empowering the credit union’s marketing team to market to members in much more meaningful and personalized ways. But the credit union still outsourced critical functions — like onboarding communications — to an external marketing agency that then sent the same, generic email message and email sequence to every single member. To compound the problem, data was isolated across different, disconnected technology systems like the credit union’s core banking system and email database, so internal marketing team members couldn’t analyze their marketing efforts or leverage important member information in more strategic ways.

The Solution

Family Savings selected Total Expert to power its new age of member marketing due largely to the platform’s ease of use, single-system approach, pre-built templates and varied communication channels — e.g., email, phone, text messaging, etc.

Now, Total Expert-powered Journeys, for example, deliver more relevant, personalized communications to credit union members and provide rich campaign insight back to leaders and marketers. One Journey, for instance, asks members who’ve unsubscribed from Family Savings emails or closed their Family Savings accounts to complete a short survey explaining their reasons why, while another facilitates the new-member onboarding process.

“I’m really excited for our team to use Total Expert to continually build even better Journeys, ones that are informed by important campaign performance data we simply couldn’t access before.”

Lesli Bishop,
Chief Marketing Officer, Family Savings Credit Union


Though early in the implementation, plans include utilizing Total Expert to help them communicate strategically with members through more effective personalized messages and begin measuring marketing results in more efficient and accurate ways.

Most importantly, leaders are confident Total Expert will help them pinpoint exactly what members look for in a credit union and proactively uncover any points of frictions in the member Journey organizational problems that exist at Family Savings, so the credit union can fix them before more members leave.