Innovation Leadership Council: Experts Gather to Educate & Collaborate

After nearly a year in the making, Total Expert is bringing together some of the brightest minds in mortgage, technology and other related companies to discuss what’s on the horizon for the industry and engage in a free exchange of knowledge regarding their own best practices and the approaches to execution that set them apart.

For two days, a select group of 40-50 of the industry’s most progressive thought leaders will participate in executive round table sessions covering everything from technology to brand building and marketing best practices. Attendees will also be given a unique opportunity to have first-hand input on the roadmap for Total Expert and explore how their organizations can influence – and benefit from – the accelerating pace of innovation and technology. But this isn’t a commercial for product or a traditional sales conference…

Constructive Conversation

Some believe that sharing the so-called “secrets” of your success will put you at risk of losing business to competitors. But the reality is, their execution (and the culture in which that knowledge is executed) will be vastly different than yours. So, the outcome will never be exactly the same: 

“Sharing information is not linear and it is not a zero sum game. When I share with you, at a different organization, you reflect that information back at me, perhaps in an amplified and different way. Said another way, you filter information through your organization’s perceptions and biases. When another person who works elsewhere looks at that, they filter it in a different way based on their perceptions and biases. Somewhere along the line, these filters transform the ideas and sometimes make them better.”  -Author, speaker and City of Asheville, NC Chief Information Officer Jonathan Feldman

Sharing knowledge and best practices helps businesses progress by considering and discussing the industry as a whole and the hurdles that are inherent with the pace of change that mortgage professionals face today.

Aggressive Adaptation = Advancement

Total Expert CEO and Founder Joe Welu sums up the evolving business climate in seven simple yet staggering words: “Technology isn’t a choice. Adapt or die.”

The industry has moved from an environment where a sexy landing page was considered cutting edge, to the consumer expectation of having a frictionless, fully automated digital mortgage experience. Companies that go beyond merely surviving to consistently thriving are the ones that wholeheartedly accept technology as being vital to their business – and the industry overall – and incorporate it without hesitation. And even if the decision is made to build a unique internal solution to become technology-enabled, it’s important to acknowledge that integrations and system components are still evolving quickly, so investigating best of breed providers is a smart move.

The clock is ticking for companies that are taking a reactive, haphazard approach to employing technology or worse yet, standing idly by and hoping they’ll be spared having to submit today’s digital demands. Remaining relevant and dominant in today’s market by attracting premier talent and winning business is a mission that starts at the top.

The most effective C-level teams are diligent about exploring options, making informed choices and committing fully to changes that are solidified at every level of their organizations. Caucusing with other industry minds is extremely helpful in dealing with literal and perceived obstacles surrounding technology and progress. 

Culture + Execution = Evolution

While there is no single technological solution or “secret sauce” that will springboard producers into creating massive volume, the good news is that achieving excellence rests on two things entirely within your control: culture and execution. Creating a culture of open minds and dedicated focus on creating best of breed technology that helps customers win is the best way to guarantee success and longevity. The Innovation Council is a great place to gain knowledge and benefit from the experience of top performers in the industry and related services. 

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