Four Benefits for Joint AWS and Total Expert Customers 

Did you know? Total Expert is now listed in the AWS Marketplace to help financial institutions unlock unparalleled advantages that supercharge their journey toward growth, engagement, and increased ROI. 

The countdown to savings is on, so act now 

As we approach the year-end, there’s no better time to seize the moment and capitalize on your current budget availability or planning for next year. Now is a great time to better understand which incentives or added efficiencies you might be eligible to receive. 

With AWS, you may be eligible for volume-based discounts and realize greater savings as your AWS usage increases. The AWS Marketplace provides the option to acquire services, like Total Expert, that help you address your business needs. 

What are the benefits of Total Expert in the AWS Marketplace? 

Accelerated time to market 

Total Expert and AWS have joined forces to eliminate the barriers to entry. Because Total Expert is an approved AWS Marketplace vendor, current AWS customers can access the Total Expert platform faster than ever with an efficient due diligence and procurement process. 

Cost savings 

Streamline the procurement process, expedite legal contract reviews, and slash due diligence costs by purchasing Total Expert directly through the AWS Marketplace. Your existing AWS budget now works even harder for you. 

Economies of scale 

Leverage your current AWS spend to enjoy pricing perks and unlock additional future discounts. It’s a win-win for your institution’s financial health. 

Governance and compliance 

Simplify risk assessments with AWS Vendor Insights, offering a unified dashboard for security and compliance information. Stay ahead of the regulatory curve effortlessly. 

Real stories, real impact 

Don’t take our word for it. Organizations just like yours are already reaping the benefits of implementing Total Expert through the AWS Marketplace. See what existing customers have to say about the implementation process and the impact they’ve seen for their business: 

“Implementing Total Expert through the AWS Marketplace couldn’t have been easier, and the cost savings we received by purchasing through AWS meant we didn’t have to cut other priorities out of our budget.”  

Mid-size lender

“Going through the AWS Marketplace allowed us to streamline the approval and procurement processes and start using Total Expert faster than if we had to handle the due diligence ourselves.” 

Regional bank

Act now or miss out on additional benefits 

As the year winds down, the window of opportunity is closing. Don’t miss the chance to maximize your 2023 budget, optimize your AWS-allocated spend, and set yourself up to drive growth and deepen customer relationships in 2024.  

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