Drive Growth in an Evolving Market with Total Expert’s Latest Platform Innovations

The 2023 Spring Platform Release adds new, purpose-built functionality and integrations to help modern financial institutions grow and sustain meaningful relationships with their customers and members.

Let’s look at how the latest enhancements to the Total Expert platform are helping financial institutions improve sales productivity, deliver data insights and intelligence, align data-driven marketing and sales strategies, and improve lead quality, volume, and routing.

Sales Productivity

Loan officers (LOs) are constantly balancing maximizing productivity and streamlining customer engagement. Key additions to Contact Detail records provide LOs and sales leaders with more data to enhance the 360-degree view of every new customer. Integrations with Capacity AI, Lender Price, Milestones, and Instagram helps marketing and sales teams harness data from across the tech stack to create more dynamic customer profiles. With a better understanding of contacts’ financial needs, LOs are able to engage them with timely, personalized messaging that deepens relationships, drives growth, and earns customers for life.

Data Insights and Intelligence

Customer Intelligence enables lenders to act on insights versus instincts to identify opportunities and predict consumer trends within their existing contact database. Total Expert’s Rate Alerts uncover refinance opportunities and offer LOs control of which contacts to monitor, then compare the borrower’s current rate versus the market and set thresholds to determine fit.

Data-Driven Marketing and Sales Strategies

Modern sales and marketing teams need the ability to visualize the impact of their work, analyze opportunities and derive new, strategic direction to maximize the success of future activities. With enhanced Reporting and Analytics, Total Expert provides marketing administrators with the ability to create, modify, and share campaign performance, loan production, and loan demographics dashboards to help align sales and marketing teams for success.

Lead Quality, Volume, and Routing

Total Expert customers benefit from a single, purpose-built platform to manage, engage, and nurture every contact, from awareness to lifelong customer. Advanced Lead Management capabilities, including SMS notifications, lead to voicemail, and our enhanced Zillow integration enable LOs with the tools to manage their pipeline and better communicate with contacts.  These enhancements contribute to the vision of surfacing the right opportunities, at the right time, to the right person, and give them the tools necessary to convert on that opportunity.

Key Integrations:

Total Expert for Salesforce extends the benefits of Salesforce CRM with a lending-specific content library of compliant print and social assets, co-marketing tools, a realtor referral program, and real-time customer insights.

Encompass Next Generation enables mutual customers to take advantage of this no-code, self-service solution to manage ongoing data needs. Customers can sync contact and loan data to receive real-time updates from Encompass to trigger purpose-built workflows and marketing automation seamlessly.

To keep up with the latest innovations from Total Expert, visit the Releases page.