It’s All About Relationships

Banks and credit unions need to get back to building strong relationships with their account holders. A solid relationship can be a competitive advantage and knowing the people that bank with you makes it easier to provide personalized financial wellness. It’s time to be proactive and predictive, unlocking the power of data to rethink value and how best to deliver it. It’s back to basics and competing on more than just rate.

Understand better how to leverage data to identify the opportunities relevant to account holders that will help deepen relationships and increase loyalty. Drive growth through relationships that are not solely dependent on rates. Manufacture loyalty through relationship pricing, sticky onboarding, and rewards programs.

Hear from Jim Marous as he discusses relationship-building in a data-driven market with industry leaders including Brennan Andrews, Marketing Director at Dart Bank, and James White, Banking General Manager at Total Expert

Key Takeaways: 

  • Don’t get overwhelmed by data, act on the data that matters. 

  • What’s old is new again. Building relationships are the key to driving growth. 

  • With the right mix of relationship and loyalty, you can succeed in any rate environment.