Present the Next Best Product to Your Customers

Monitor your current customers’ activity so you can stay one step ahead of their needs and connect with them when they’re most likely to enter the next stage of their financial journey.

Banking Cross-sell Use Case

Act on insights, not just instincts

Turn Total Expert into your primary engagement hub by easily importing data from across your tech stack and creating more complete customer profiles. This allows you to segment members into specific groups based on transactional or behavioral data. With all the information you need in one place, you’ll be able to uncover customers’ next financial need with in-platform insights that alert you when they’re ready to take the next step.


re-engagement success with members at risk of attrition.


decrease in delinquent loan payments.

See how Total Expert helps with cross-sell

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Increase wallet share

Keep more customers in-house

Earning new customers is one thing. Turning them into loyal customers for life is another. The key to growing customer relationships is keeping them engaged. But you won’t do that consistently by sending the same sales and marketing communications to your entire database.

Dynamic Journeys
Surface the next best product or service based on each customer’s financial needs, goals, and activity.

Nurture Campaigns
Keep customers engaged with relevant content and educational resources until they’re ready to act.


Create complete customer profiles

The average customer has a relationship with three different financial institutions. While that might make it sound like customer loyalty is a thing of the past, it really means there’s an opportunity for you to expand your existing relationships and solidify your bank as your customers’ only financial partner.

360-Degree View
Aggregate data from across your tech stack to create more complete customer profiles that allow you to deliver more targeted, personalized communications and continue to serve customers at every financial milestone.

Improve Database Segmentation

Deliver timely, relevant communications

If you’re still sending every message to everyone in your database, you’re giving customers a reason to start ignoring them—or unsubscribe altogether. Modern customers expect personalized communications that support their financial goals.

Targeted Segmentation
Group your customers based on their unique financial situation, engagement history, or transaction behavior to deliver the most relevant communications at any stage of the financial journey.

Expert Content
Get those messages to market faster by leveraging a library of marketing content and educational resources created by industry experts to help you keep customers engaged and expand your relationships over time.

Total Expert in action

Create sustainable growth and increase loyalty with a customer engagement platform that’s purpose-built for financial institutions.