Laying the Foundation for Long-Term Success

Our team of industry experts will guide you through a hassle-free platform implementation while providing your core users with the training, tools, and confidence they need to get the most out of Total Expert.

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Delivering value from day one

Our onboarding process is designed to get your organization and users up and running as efficiently as possible—without cutting corners or leaving you wondering what to do next.


Together, we’ll ensure that you have the right tools, training, resources, and support to be successful from the start while laying out a forward-thinking strategy that can scale and adapt as your business grows.

Get started on the right path

Path to success includes time to discover and design, build,, train, test and deploy.
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Design & discover

To help set up your organization for long-term success, we need to form a deep understanding of your organization’s operational needs, business goals, and expectations for your tech stack. That way, we can tailor our platform and services to support you every step of the way.


Together, we’ll identify your most important business milestones, existing challenges, and future opportunities before assigning tasks to individual team members and creating a project dashboard for a high-level view of progress and open item tracking.


To configure the Total Expert platform to work for your organization, we start by collecting and organizing data from across your tech stack to create 360-degree customer profiles that will help you develop a better understanding of your audiences and allow you to engage them on a more personal level.


At the same time, we’ll conduct educational training for the administrators on your team and collaborate with key decision makers throughout the organizations to help finalize system configuration and key objectives for your campaigns.

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Train & test

The is where your campaigns will begin taking shape based on the data being funneled into Total Expert. Our team will host an instructional workshop to show your core team how to use our Campaign and Journey building tools, share our best practices for getting them up and running, show you how to track performance and success metrics, and help you tailor everything to meet your business objectives. You can expect to have at least one campaign built out within the full-day workshop.


We’ll also begin your internal pilot rollout which will provide your team with much-needed feedback from the people who will be using the platform most—your sales team. By getting your highest performers involved early, they’ll become advocates for the platform and increase adoption throughout the organization.


Everything leading up to the deployment stage has been focused on building a solid foundation that will support your organization’s growth long into the future. Now, our Software Training Consultants will help your core team introduce the Total Expert platform to your team and end users.


We recommend taking a multi-phase approach that allows us to personalize the experience to your business through live, instructor-led trainings that ensure your team has the tools, knowledge, and confidence to be successful with Total Expert.


This is also the stage when we’ll introduce you to your long-term success planning partner—your dedicated Customer Success manager who will work with you to build out a plan for how you’ll utilize total Expert, establish regular check-ins to ensure we’re meeting your expectations, and discuss any challenges or opportunities you want to address.

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Our industry experts are on your side

We understand the challenges you’re facing because we’ve tackled them before. We understand the goals you’re trying to achieve because they’re our goals too. And we know how to show you the path to success because we navigate it every day.


Total Expert is purpose-built for modern financial institutions and our platform is designed by industry experts to meet the needs of our industry’s most innovative lenders, banks, and credit unions.