Accelerating Through Downturns

Focus on optimizing efficiency and productivity so you’re ready to catch the market upswing.

Owning a home is still a quintessential part of the American dream. For the better part of 60 years, the housing market has done relatively well through recessions and downturns—with the Great Recession of 2008 as the only glaring exception. That’s why experts agree that while cutting back during a downturn might keep you afloat in the short-term, it will significantly handcuff you once the market rebounds and you’ll be left to watch your competitors grow. Instead, you should focus on investing in your people and your technology. Look for ways to become more efficient, streamline your processes, and set yourself up for long-term success. 

What’s in this guide?   

  • Industry analyst predictions for 2023 and beyond 
  • Research to support investing in a downturn instead of scaling back 
  • What growth investments look like in a downturn