360-Degree Customer View

Know Your Audience

Create a more complete customer profile by aggregating data, contact information, financial goals, and communication preferences into a single, seamless platform.

Holistic contact profile view

Create holistic customer profiles

50+ industry-leading integrations

Take control of all the data spread across your tech stack to form a single source of truth for your organization and your customers. Purpose-built for financial services, Total Expert already connects with leading banks and lending vendors. 

Customer intelligence & data insights

Use behavioral and motivational data to better understand your audience’s needs and goals—so you can support them at every stage of their financial journey.

Personalized communication strategies

Increase growth and revenue by giving your customer-facing teams the tools to provide better experiences with every engagement.

Capture your customers’ voice

Zero-, first-, and second-party data

Leverage customer intelligence to gather intent data and use predictive analytics to understand what your customers need and how to engage them with the next best product or service.

Segmentation and targeted communications

Increase the impact of every engagement by creating highly segmented lists and providing timely, relevant communications based on their financial situation.

Gather feedback

Allow your customers to tell you what works and what doesn’t so you can refine your long-term strategies and invest in the sales and marketing tactics that resonate with your contacts.

Easily capture the voice of the customer
Captture the customer where they are - no matter that channel

Own every communication channel

Get ahead of competitors

Redefine what customers expect from their financial institutions by delivering personalized experiences and content that’s relevant to customer needs.

Create lists that engage

Use Focused View to segment your contact lists based on organizational goals and customer needs to avoid wasting your customers’ time with messaging that isn’t relevant.

Deliver value in every communication

Turn data insights into authentic customer experiences through personalized content and multi-channel distribution.

See it in action

How We're Different

Go beyond data to understand customer intent

360-degree customer view

Access complete contact profiles from a single platform to increase engagement at precisely the right time in a customer’s unique financial journey.

TrueIntent insights

Understand where consumers are in their financial journeys with foundational CRM, behavioral, and motivational data.


Segment your contact lists to deliver tailored messaging in every campaign.

Prioritized lead & contact lists

Engage critical contacts at the right time without hunting through your database.

Always-on nurture

Develop relationships with customers even if they don’t have a need for your products today.

Multichannel campaigns

Meet customers where they are with tailored campaigns across print, direct mail, email, SMS, and social media.

Digital content & social media

Connect with customers on their schedule with dedicated tools and content for your website, landing pages, and social channels.

Co-marketing campaigns

Increase referrals with integrated co-marketing campaigns that expose your brand to new audiences.

Reporting & dashboards

Track campaign performance, analyze what works, and identify gaps to boost ROI.

Knowledge & insights

Stay up to date with the latest financial news, industry trends, and Total Expert tips.