The Inception of Total Expert Now

Panic quickly sunk in as COVID-19 made waves around the world, leaving financial brands wondering how this would impact their day-to-day operations, long-term growth, and the relationships they worked so hard to build. Even the most robust organizations weren’t prepared to swiftly pivot to remote work and virtual meetings. 

While some had communication programs in place, it’s evident many financial brands lacked a solution to efficiently send relevant messaging during this turbulent time.  

Banks and credit unions have a duty to serve their customers and members beyond their expectations – even when we aren’t in the midst of a global pandemic. This includes sending hyper-personalized communications via preferred channels, educating them on relevant products and services, and being their trusted financial partner for life. 

That’s why we launched Total Expert Now – discounted software and services with rapid deployment to help community banks and credit unions stay connected and communicate with their customers and employees. 

Winning with Total Expert Now 

As concerns grew with COVID-19, we knew a solution was needed – fast. Banks and credit unions needed a way to deploy a variety of digital communications, such as: 

  • Responses to COVID-19. 
  • Employee communications. 
  • Customer/member support resources. 
  • Branch closures and hours of operation. 
  • Online applications and educational materials. 
  • Paycheck Protection Program announcements. 

 In short, Total Expert now contains all of the basic features of the Total Expert platform, including email/video email, social media, landing pages, and pre-built content – all wrapped in a compliance framework. 

Total Expert Now is offered free to the first few qualifying banks and credit unions and will be heavily discounted for everyone else. 

A Total Expert Now early adopter struggled to rapidly communicate with its members. They needed a more efficient channel than direct mail, particularly around the Paycheck Protection Program. With a single person leading the marketing efforts, implementing a complex program wasn’t an option. They needed a simple solution that could be stood up in little time. After evaluating several options, they selected Total Expert Now so they could quickly go to market without making a significant investment. 

The biggest wins include the ability to quickly and compliantly deploy communications at scale, provide financial guidance to protect customers’ and members’ financial well-being, and be the financial first responder customers and members expect. The combination of these efforts builds trust during these uncertain times and will pay off in the long run to build lifelong loyalty. 

The Old Way Vs. the New Way 

Historically, financial transactions took place in person at a branch. Taking out a loan or transferring funds, for example, would be done face-to-face. It was an extremely personal experience working one-on-one with your trusted advisor. And most of the time, the financial institution someone started with was the one they stayed with – for life.  

But as technology advanced, the face-to-face interactions dissipated, and many financial brands struggled to offer the same level of experience digitally. Instead of superior customer or member experiences, they were offering disjointed experiences due to siloed data and irrelevant messaging. In turn, trust was eroded, and the relationship was lost. 

Total Expert was built to solve all of these challenges and empower financial brands to create lifetime relationships. By leaning on a “high tech, high touch” mindset, Total Expert brings back the human connection through relevant engagement and humanized experiences that grow trust and increase loyalty.  

Total Expert has become the leader in the space, powering 8 out the top 15 lenders in the country. It’s the first and only enterprise-grade experience platform purpose-built for financial services. Built on industry best practices and filled with pre-built content, Total Expert empowers financial brands to deepen relationships and exceed the needs of customers and members. 

A Solution Today and in the Future 

While COVID-19 didn’t spark the need to allow banks and credit unions to quickly deploy relevant digital communications to increase trust in their brand, it certainly expedited it. 

Consumer expectations are at an all-time high, and we can thank the Amazon’s, Uber’s, and Netflix’s of the world for raising the bar. These brands have mastered customer service, convenience, and humanization – all things consumers crave. They offer up personalized recommendations, deliver timely, relevant communications, and keep the human element present across all channels. 

Today, consumers are comparing their experience with your brand to more than just other financial institutions. They are comparing it to every brand they interact with. And considering 57% of consumers have left a brand due to a poor customer or member experience, this should be a wake-up call for all financial brands.  

Total Expert Now solves an immediate need for banks and credit unions to stay connected with their customers and members during these uncertain times and go to market faster. The brands that do will build trust, earn loyalty, and develop lifetime relationships.