The Banking Guide to Life Event Engagement 

Banks and credit unions can deepen relationships and drive sustainable growth by identifying opportunities to guide and support consumers through major life events.

Plan and prepare for every opportunity—even the unexpected ones

Even the most experienced teams and most robust strategies for growth and customer engagement can’t account for every possible opportunity. Market factors can force a shift in business priorities while individual consumers may have financial needs and goals that don’t line up with the predominant trends. 

Being able to identify individual life events for contacts in your database will help you prepare for emergent events, capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities, and provide truly personalized communications to every consumer. 


In this guide, we’ll cover: 

  • Which life events that come with financial impacts 
  • Which financial products are relevant to specific life events 
  • How to plan for, and anticipate, consumers’ financial needs 
  • How to show up for consumers and support them across every financial milestone